futurelearn: How to Improve Your Mood this December

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Mac Juli, Dec 26, 2020.

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    I'd say that has pretty good advice, Mac. - would probably do some good for anyone except me.

    I've lived with depression* for 60+ years, get S.A.D. on top of it and now - a second COVID lockdown ... But as both Sisyphus and Prometheus have personally assured me - you can get used to just about anything. A good day now is when I can get into the grocery store without lining up in the cold first - that doesn't help depression - freezes the last drop of serotonin out of my brain! Well, at least the grocery store is open...

    * I live with it. I made that decision years ago, after unsuccessful treatment. It's chronic. It is not going to get cured now. I don't ever say I "suffer from" it. When it's got me, those around me suffer! It's bad enough for me, but far worse for them. (I think that's generally the norm.) Someone on this forum once said "OMG - Depression is SO bad. I'd rather have cancer!" No, you wouldn't. (Bin there. Done that. OK now.)

    Have a great day, all! :)
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