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    I'm Rodger Bailey. I'm an expat from the USA living and working in Montevideo, Uruguay (on the Atlantic coast between Brazil and Argentina). If you are wondering what it's like here, it's like Iowa with rolling grasslands and tree-lined rivers and streams. The coastline is sandy beaches. There is no jungle.

    I have degrees in Anthropology and Educational Counseling. I work with children who have developmental problems. Over the last 10 years, my wife and I have developed a series of outside-the-box protocols for successfully working with with everything from hyperactivity to dyslexia, APD to PDD and FTT, and autism to Asperger's. We re-engage the stuck developmental process and get the children back on track about 75% of the time.

    As far as the definitions of all these developmental problems go, there is no cure for them. So, my wife and I decided to get a doctorate degree and our dissertations would prove (or dis-prove) our protocols achieve what we see in our offices.

    Distance learning certainly seemed to be the proper avenue for us to go after what we want to achieve. So, we started attending a small Christian graduate school (fully accredited) in September. It seems that it will take us about two years to complete the coursework. I don't have any idea yet about how long it will take us to complete our research and dissertations.

    I'm glad to find this forum. I hope to interact with you in the future.
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    Welcome to the boards and good luck on your doctorates!

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