Free (non-credit) Archeology courses from NPS

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    I'm not sure how I managed to find this (I think I was looking for stuff on historical preservation) but I found that the U.S. National Park Service offers self-paced distance education courses in archaeology. There are five courses:

    Managing Archaeological Collections
    Archaeology for Interpreters
    Interpretation for Archaeologists
    Study Tour of Archaeological Interpretation
    Assessment of Archeology Interpretation

    These courses are free but you can't get credit for them like the FEMA courses. I thought these might be interesting especially for someone studying or doing work with some area of history. It could be a nice resume booster for someone looking for work in the history/museum fields. You can even get a free certificate but you can print one that is nicer on your own!

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    Doing a google search for free certificates on .gov sites brings a few interesting results. Like this one:
    It's a Watershed Management Training Certificate and their certificate looks even worse than the one from National Park Service.
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    LOL it is even more horrific in person.....
    but it comes in a nice envelope!

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