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    Hello to everyone,

    well sorry for repeating the subject but I think this subject deserves to be discussed again ...I am trying to search for a free degree in MBA if possible and something very serious seen a program in Sweden but not everyone can go to sweden for few days only for the exam or what so ever anyways please try to understand that not everyone can afford 10.000 dollars or 7000 I am looking for less then that so please help!!!:eek::eek:

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    There is no such as FREE degree, even though you print your won diploma still costs you for papers and ink. Even though Andrew Jackson University used to have free sponsor tuition, but you still have to pay about $4,000.00 for administrative fees.
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    The MBA in Sweden is the best and cheapest you can get. You have only Spring 2011, hopefully it will be offered at that time. When the fees start, it may be easily $40-50k. From what I know MBA is a cash cow for almost all universities, they really won't be one free.......
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    A legitimate degree is going to cost, and someone has to pay. State sponsored degrees, like those our Cal State system offers, are much less expensive, but someone is still paying the bill. You are paying part and the state is paying the rest. Professors do not work for free, buildings or online delivery systems are not free either.

    I can't imagine a legitimate degree that is truly free. Even in Sweden, I would think it would only be free to citizens and the government would be picking up the tab.
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    For Sweden, that particular MBA from Blekinge Institute of Technology is free. Just that there is a compulsory trip to take the final exams in Sweden.

    MBA programme online - Blekinge Institute of Technology

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees and other costs - Blekinge Institute of Technology

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    Have a look at this SA DL school. - Business School MBA and BCOM degrees in South Africa
    Fully accredited Regent Business School
    The whole course should cost about $6500
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    There is still a last chance in Spring 2011. Hopefully the MBA will be on offer then.

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    thanks everyone

    I am an Italian citizen there any problems later even if I live outside Italy..I don't live in any European country,but I am from EU.

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