Free courses: Intro to Big Data and Intro course in Apache Hadoop

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    Hadoop is a very powerful programming framework for Big Data Analysis - another noSQL Database system (not only Structured Query Language) more complex than MongoDB that I referenced in another thread.

    You also get to learn FREE about all the goodies that go with Hadoop - like MapReduce, Pig, HDFS, Hive, Flume, Sqoop, Oozie... the whole barnyard.
    Heck - do these two courses and you can probably analyze any data the Kremlin, Robert Mueller or Mark Zuckerberg throw your way!

    (1) This course is the ONLY prerequisite for the second. Nothing else required in advance.

    (2) This is the Hadoop-specific course.

    Who uses Hadoop? Oh, Hulu, Ali Baba, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify ... quite a list (121 companies that hire Hadoop Developers) here:

    Free - and who knows, it MIGHT even help you get a job. Maybe that's a stretch, but it can't hurt... :)
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