1. Larry McDowell

    Larry McDowell New Member

    I want to introduce myself as Dean of McDowell Bible College. We are a new distance learning school providing 16 FREE degrees and certificates for Christians who are looking to train for ministry, biblical studies, leadership and administration, or information systems management. Our standards are as high as most colleges and universities, we are just new and have not met the threshold for serious accreditation yet. However, with the standards we have, we will in the next two years. You will find our courses demanding and rewarding for any new career in the above fields. Please go to our website and take a look, I think you will find our school one that you can be proud of if you become a student there. We exist off of donations and volunteer staff and qualified faculty, so our student rolls are somewhat limited, but there is plenty room for more students at this time.

    God Bless!
    Larry McDowell
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  2. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Okay, is there anybody here that does not realize that Larry McDowell is a con artist ...

    (I'm still editing your posts Steve. You will consistently modify your attitude/posting habits on this site or not another word will ever appear. Or maybe just enough of a post to show that you're still trying. We'll see)
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  3. Vonnegut

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    Since you are currently proclaiming that there will be no tuition charges, I'll provide the benefit of doubt that you may have good intentions with this endeavor. Therefore, I'd highly recommend that you pause and familiarize yourself a bit more with accreditation in the United States and what it means. There are simply a number of issues, as both Steve and Rich have identified, which could cause problems with how this is perceived.
  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    "Free" doesn't excuse any of it.
  5. Vonnegut

    Vonnegut Active Member

    Not disagreeing. Providing a benefit of doubt that it's not just a shotgun attempt to pick up an initial cohort or to obtain "free" course development, it could imply though that there are good intentions. Certainly though, it is not excusable.
  6. Garp

    Garp Active Member

    Not pleased that Steve Levicoff's post was censored. That seems rather heavy handed without explanation.

    As for the McDowell Bible, you are starting off offering 16 degrees in a variety of fields that go beyond a "Bible College". Why are you called a Bible College? Do you really have people with accredited graduate and doctoral degrees in those fields?
  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    How do you know it has not been explained? Because you do not see it? I'm surprised there was anything indicated at all in the thread; these things are normally addressed by PM (as was likely the case here). Perhaps the explanation was not ours to be read.
    You're asking a question of someone who has been banned from this site. If the answers to your questions are meant for others' consumption, that won't happen. If they're for you, you might want to contact him directly.
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  8. Garp

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    Rich, quite simply I don't know if it has been explained privately. It is implicit in my statement that I meant publicly (unless I am supposed to have psychic ability that I have not tuned into). "Perhaps", many things. Perhaps it was a joke. Perhaps an oversight. Perhaps the moderator is short of toilet paper and beginning to be effected by quarantine and got grouchy. Obviously, if there was an explanation and it was not made public it was either an oversight or intentional (keep in mind that we do not know if one was rendered).

    In any case, the moderator made the choice to leave a public statement and chastisement (without substantive explanation) on Levicoff's post. That does leave bait for questions being raised. Do I need an explanation? No. Does my original statement stand? Yes.
  9. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I support exactly what the moderator did and the extent to which it was shared (or not) publicly.

    One of my peeves was the repeated occurrence of such behavior without anything being done about it. I, for one, have no need to see what was actually done, but I'm grateful for getting just enough insight to realize something was done. That appears to me to be the intent of the moderator's comment that replaced the deleted text. I don't need transparency into private matters.
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  10. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly

    Considering his posting history, it seems more like an instance of res ipsa loquitur.
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  11. Garp

    Garp Active Member

    Ok Steve, you got me there. And had me laughing too!

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