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    Never introduced myself formally. So I will do it now.

    I'm Vincent from Belgium. I'm 24 years old (I feel old already and have a feeling that accomplishments are not going fast enough for my likening)

    I have studied an associate's degree in legal studies and am now completing a cheap MBA from the University of Isabel I.

    I would love to land myself a decently paying job.
    I'm the kind of person that is basically always obsessing over details and never satisfied. I'm actually convinced I will die from the stress I give myself one day lol.

    Uhm what else can I say?
    I speak three languages: French, Dutch and English.
    I also speak basic German.
    I took Spanish in high school but forgot everything except for a few words but my passive understanding of Spanish is very good, I just don't master it actively anymore.

    I took Latin and Ancient-Greek in high school and to this day have retained a burning passion for these two languages.

    My weaker spot is mathematics but I really love the social understanding behind economics classes so I'm still interested in economics subjects despite not being great at maths.

    Well in my case it's a bit more complex if I have to be complete. I'm good at algebra but terrible at geometrics.
    I'm very fluent in verbal matters.
    I have a learning problem that is called NLD. Non Verbal Learning Disability where my verbal part of the brains (left) works significantly better than the mathematical part of the brains (right) which results in me having a high IQ with a discrepancy between the two parts that make up the IQ. Basically what this entails is that people wouldn't suspect anything is going on if they saw my IQ but they dangerously overestimate me because they think that since I'm verbally fluent I will also be a great analyst at mathematical matters etc.

    I'm someone who studies very hard and has lots of perseverance and I think that that is what has kept me standing straight, more than anything intelligence related.

    What else can I say?
    I'm someone who worries a lot about things that have a low probability of happening just because worrying is in my nature...

    I try to look for brightness in every situation.
    I can relativate things easily because I take them with humor.

    What can I finish with?

    Uhm I talk too much. That's a weak spot :)

    Oh and I love horror movies and thrillers and I hate comedy movies and romantic movies because they usually lack a substantial story.

    My dream job is a managerial job in the corporate world in the 100k$ a year range (which is a lot of money here in Europe, Belgium) .

    Hope I clarified myself a bit and hope I didn't make too much of an embarrassment out of myself.

    Kind regards,

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    Welcome. Vincent. And relax - anybody who loves Latin and Greek will NEVER have anything to be embarrassed about, around here. I'll see to that personally, if necessary! :)

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