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    If a foreign credential evaluation service (recognized like WES not CUFCE) gives it an equivalent, I will be comfortable to put in a CV as a degree. But so far, we have no proof that ENEB, propio degrees, foreign degrees accredited by Azteca and San juan have been given a foreign equivalent. In Canada at least, UCN has been included in one foreign credential service as not acceptable.

    If these degrees would work the same as a McGill or UoT degree, you would have half of people running after these degrees. There is no evidence of this either.

    Most jobs in the Federal and provincial government, require a foreign equivalence, most of these degree will not be able to be used for this purpose.
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    I can only speak for the USA but we have had positive foreign credential equivalency for the schools and degrees you have listed. They vary from one credential evaluator to another but there has been full recognition or atleast some recognition for them to be utilized for local purposes. These are likely not game changing degrees but it depends on the situation. You should be fine with listing these degree here in the USA. There are fewer foreign credential evaluators in Canada than the USA so I can see how you all would have more roadblocks.
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    That kind of goes with my previous point to a degree. We're discussing schools that are far outside the rankings, and even better schools that don't rank often don't require the GMAT anymore. So people with these degrees aren't necessarily going for customer service jobs, but they also aren't mostly going for C-Suite jobs at Fortune 10 companies either.

    It's not a 3-month MBA though. Like any other independent study program, the amount of time is dependent on the student. Some people finish in record time, others take a year or more. I get the thought process you're applying to it, but it's still not a certificate, and to reiterate my earlier point, you're going to have to defend that when the degree and/or evaluation is seen and it becomes known that it's not a certificate. It doesn't even matter what is said at that point, because just the fact that you'll be in that position is already a red enough flag for an employer to pass.

    I don't think anyone is expecting to get into a top financial institution for a high-ranking job with anything less than a top school MBA.

    It's old news now that ECE gave an ENEB degree an RA equivalent evaluation.

    I don't think anyone who knows better would expect that though.

    I'm not sure how strongly in a position we are to be certain of things like this as we can only rely on reports that people make public. But I have to imagine given the number of people who've probably traveled here since 1983 with a propio/propio-like degree, one of them has found ECE or some other evaluator that evaluated their degree as RA equivalent. I mean, I could be totally wrong, but I just have a hard time believing that the one person who popped up in these parts with one is the only one ever.
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    I just explored IEE's website and it looks like they have started serving Canandian clients and have lowered their prices for all evaluations. I would evaluate a UCN PhD as well as an ENEB Masters with them if I were from Canada.

    MyIEE ECA:
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