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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Carl_Reginstein, Nov 4, 2005.

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    I think the poll is probably pretty accurate. I wouldn't go to the bank on it however. Like Jimmy, I too heard that the sample may not be as representative as it could. Like I said though, with the way Bush's enemies get free reign in the press to say anything they wish without fear of being challenged, it's no wonder his poll numbers are so low.

    Bush's biggest failing, imo is his lack of a good PR machine. If he would simply come out in public to defend himself and call these people what they are, he would pickup ten points instantly.

    As for the Republicans in Congress, at least the Senate, they are the biggest bunch of spagetti spined wheenies I've ever seen. They'll get on the side of which ever way the political winds happen to be blowing. As soon as things start to shift back into Bush's favor (and they will, that's politics) they'll be right back by his side.
  2. An explanation....

    I guess I owe gkillion an explanation for his taking me to task about condemning "corporate exploiters" and "yahoo rednecks" with equal fervor. While to have a problem with both at first may seem illogical, here is why Bush's backing by these two groups pisses me off...... in equal dosage.

    1. The corporate "base" that Bush refers to are the ultra-rich in this country, and abroad. These people are anti-democratic, highly elitist, and often live better than imperial kings and tsars of bygone eras, on the backs of the global working poor. They are the modern era's "robber barons". And, since this group is where the money comes from, keeping them happy is truly Bush's only interest. However, this group alone is not large enough to guarantee election.
    2. So Bush plays up to gun-loving, loud gas engine, religious-right, "wholesomeness" moms/soccer kids segments of our population, convincing them that somehow their support is in alignment with the corporate rapists who are sucking their blood, even as they continue to vote against their best interests for Bush and other Republicans. Why do they vote for Bush? Because he paints Democrats out as silly liberals, with harmful agendas designed to bring homosexuals into our schools, and take hard-earned money out of the hands of working people and hand it to the lazy.

    Hence, by guaranteeing a power base of wealth and hoodwinking a large segment of the American population to support his conservative agenda, Bush and other Republicans have thrived. However, the days of blind support by the "base" of wealthy individuals are coming to an end. While it is true that their support for Bush has lasted longer than it should have, there is a limit to their tolerance for stupidity/incompetence on the part of the figurehead President/leader their money has purchased. As for the "yahoos"? They will fall into line once the new drumbeat is sounded by the next annointee of the rich & powerful who control to a large extent both parties in Congress, but most certainly the Republican Party.....
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    Re: An explanation....

    George Soros? Michael Moore? Fill-in-the-blank Kennedy or Rockefeller? Steven Spielberg? Who are you talking about?
  4. nosborne48

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    well, yes, but...

    Michael Moore with one hundred twenty million dollars IS a contradiction worthy of Marx and Engels...
  5. Kit

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    Re: well, yes, but...

    ... combined with the irony of a 400 lb. man lecturing others on the evils of excess.

  6. Guest

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    Re: Re: An explanation....

    Soros is an advocate for higher taxes. Yet, he has most of his money in banks out of the country. He wants you and me to pay for tax increases but not him!
  7. nosborne48

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    DON'T see this film, but

    I would NEVER recommend that anyone see the marionette feature length film "Team America" because it raises "tastelessness" to entirely new levels and gives new meaning to the adjective "obscene" in the context of puppeteering...

    but the Michael Moore puppet is absolutely delicious!
  8. BillDayson

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    Sounds good to me.

    Our national media originate in a few big cities. I think that it's accurate to say that those with decision making power in the media heirarchies, the star reporters, the opinion leaders, the editors who decide what stories to run with and how they should be spun, are heavily weighted towards the democratic end of the spectrum. In New York everybody attends the same parties, for heaven's sake. They all have the same friends. It's a tight little social circle and its conventional wisdom does a lot to define what reality is for many of the people who define what reality is for the rest of us.
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    Re: DON'T see this film, but

    :) :)

  10. Bruce

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    Re: DON'T see this film, but

    The leader puppet that sends the team out on their missions (white hair, dark suit) looks and talks EXACTLY like my old sergeant. :D
  11. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    The outtakes and additional material on the disks is even MORE reprehensible than the film in its final version.

    The film itself is actually a minor triumph of the marionette's and film maker's art.

    But DON'T GO SEE IT!!

    I understand that they had to cut one scene COMPLETELY to avoid an X rating.

    X rated PUPPETS?? What on earth...???
  12. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Oh, you mean the puppet sex scene? He he he!

    Abner :)
  13. gkillion

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    Alright, I don't wanna hear any "woody" jokes!
  14. nosborne48

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    Here's WHY Republican congressmen are worried...

    Take a look at the most recent Gallup poll:

    The GOP had better change course or 2006 will be a BLUE year!
  15. aic712

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    Originally posted by nosborne48
    I would NEVER recommend that anyone see the marionette feature length film "Team America" because it raises "tastelessness" to entirely new levels and gives new meaning to the adjective "obscene" in the context of puppeteering...

    What do you expect? It was made by the Southpark guys, go and see "Orgasmo" or "Baseketball" not much of a difference.

    I think southpark is hilarious, but wasn't into team america too much. Not because it's offensive or any of that crap, just not that funny.
  16. nosborne48

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    Yabbut the Michael Moore puppet was enormously funny! :D
  17. Abner

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    You mean Woody Harrelson?

    Abner :)
  18. Guest

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    Re: Here's WHY Republican congressmen are worried...

    Perhaps but I doubt it. Bloomberg (GOP) will win in NYC and Kilgore (GOP) will eek out a win in VA. Corzine (Dem) will win in NJ but it will be closer than expected.
  19. nosborne48

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    Well, it SURE won't happen unless us Dems develop some VISION.
  20. Guest

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    My guess that two out of three races will be won by the GOP won't happen unless the Dems develop vision?

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