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  1. cofflehack

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    Early this year, I created a thread for this...

    "Are you one of those who are taking up another course or a masters degree and at the same time running a business? The reason why I'm asking is I'm also planning to put up a small business while I'm studying. But I'm worried about time and stress. How do you manage your time? And also, would you be able to recommend a good financing firm to assist me with my capital? Thanks and looking forward to read your comments."

    Unfortunately, no one cared to reply :-( lol. But it's ok :) I have postponed my plan and most probably, will pursue it sometime June or July. And btw, I got an offer from a credit union company and they said that I'm legible for loan application. I'd just like to get your opinion in case you have any experience with credit unions. Thanks.
  2. Kizmet

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    Where I live people seem to like credit unions. They claim that they are more "human" than big, impersonal banks. I've never belonged to one so I don't know if that's true. In my little town the people at the bank seem nice. I ask very little of my bank and that's exactly what I get.
  3. Herlinda Obert

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    Ok, I believe that credit unions offer the loan interest rates normally lower than other financing institutions for the reason that they are a non profit organizations unlike banks that they normally give a percentage point or two higher interest rates than credit unions.
  4. cofflehack

    cofflehack Member

    Thanks for posting guys. They really have good rates. I'll just have to check my credit score if I can avail of the advertised rate or not. And, I did check. They do have a lower personal loan rate than the bank near us.

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