Florida Council of Private Colleges, Inc., (FCPC)

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    Is Florida Council of Private Colleges, Inc., (FCPC) legit? It seems the location is someone's house. Also Rhemau University located in Orlando, Florida is accredited by FCPC.
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    Well, there is one thing I can tell you and that is the photo of the esteemed Dr. Earle E. Lee that is found on the FCPC website is not of the same person found on the esteemed Dr. Earle E. Lee's LinkedIn profile
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    Appears that they were put together to provide a cover of legitimacy to a handful of non-accredited "King James Only" bible ministry schools. A handful of schools that reference them have commercial web addresses, some that have not even removed the wordpress linkage in their urls. Their advisory board, appears to be non-academic scholars and people who obtained doctorates from commercial operations that they run.
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    Another interesting note, they require you to meet "THREE or more" of their 7 metrics; which can include being incorporated, being a ministry, or having a Taxpayer Identification Number! Complicated stuff of course, so "NEVER FEAR the FCPC Facilitator guarantees your achievement of VIRTUAL SUCCESS"!

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