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    Florida Coastal is the sole remaining for-profit Infilaw school I think. Arizona Summit and Charlotte are both either defunct or nearly so. The ABA is not entirely happy with Florida Coastal either but I don't think de-accreditation is on the table. https://www.fcsl.edu/userfiles/files/aug_18_florida_coastal_public_notice.authcheckdam%283%29%281%29.pdf

    What would concern me, though, is that it appears that Florida Coastal is accredited by the ABA only. I don't see any claim for regional accreditation. The ABA's Council on Legal Education has said repeatedly that ABA accreditation applies only to a law school's J.D. https://apps.americanbar.org/legaled/accreditation/Council%20Statements.pdf So unless I've missed an institutional accreditor somewhere, Florida Coastal's LL.M. is unaccredited.
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    And hey, even my correspondence LL.M. in Tax from Taft Law School is nationally accredited. If FCL's LL.M. isn't, why isn't it?
  4. The lack of regional accreditation wouldn't really matter much in this situation. Most state bars only require that a foreign attorney have obtained an LLM from an ABA accredited law school. Even still, Florida Costal is a dying breed. I would be interested to see how they are 10 years from now.
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    Wonder what the passage rates would be for this school?

    It's website also says "our Professional Responsibility courses covers California law and helps prepare students for the California Bar exam".
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    The RA issue probably doesn't matter except for academia. And not sure many academics would even catch the distinction. For the law school academy, have to think it's extremely unlikely that a Florida Coastal degree gets you admission to those hallowed halls anyway, and if it's business law academia, I have some experience with that, and we don't pay much attention to anything but AACSB, which is of course N/A (as opposed to NA).
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    IMHO, with law schools the only thing that matters is whether their degrees are bar qualifying.

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