First master's in cyberpsychology in U.S.

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    The first cyberpsychology master's degree program in the U.S. is at Norfolk State University, and it's online.

    If you're interested in a doctoral program, I believe Capitol Technology University is the only American university offering a doctorate in cyberpsychology (dissertation-only). They also offer a Master of Research in Cyberpsychology (thesis-only). The New Jersey Institute of Technology offers a BS in cyberpsychology (campus), Regent offers an MS in psychology with a concentration in cyberpsychology (online), and University of North Dakota offers an undergraduate certificate in cyberpsychology (campus). Cyberpsychology programs have existed in Europe and Australia for years. Dr. Mary Aiken, who studied in Europe but now teaches at Capitol Technology University, is usually the go-to person for news articles.
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    Cyberpsychologist makes me think of the female lead in I, Robot. Cool programs though.
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    Right. Cool, cool squared, cubed and umm...quadruplified? Very powerful branch of knowledge, here. Doesn't take much imagination to see the potential - and some possible uses, both positive and otherwise. I'm staying optimistic on this one. Meta-cool! That's the word I was looking for!

    I note that these particular grad programs often involve internships, residencies etc. Perhaps DI could volunteer the forum for an internship in cyberpsychopathology. We sure have some unique ...uh, research opportunities here! :)
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    One of the community colleges near me is hiring a cyberpsychology adjunct. I expect this field to explode over the next five years.
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