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  1. Greeneyedpea81

    Greeneyedpea81 New Member

    I was reviewing the classes remaining to complete my program at CSU-Global. I just passed my ALEKS - College Algebra assessment (Gen Ed) and will probably start Precalculus tonight (Gen Elective) and do PLA for Accounting which is part of my major.

    Click the link below to view a spreadsheet of the classes I have taken and what is remaining. Any recommendations? I have not signed up for SL or any other alternative other than Sailor and ALEKS. Any help is appreciated. :hail:

    Remaining Gen Ed
    • History
      Natural & Physical Science

    Gen Elective
    4 classes

    ITS320 Basic Programming
    ITS410 Database Management
    ITS315 Introdcutions to Networks
    ITS350 Information Systems and Security
    ITS400 Information Technology Project Management
    ITS405 Intermediate Networking
    ITS430 Network Enterprise Solutions
  2. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    What is the CSU-Global policy on credit by exam?

    If they accept CLEP and DANTES, you can easily knock out the 4 general elective classes by exam with very little preparation.
  3. Greeneyedpea81

    Greeneyedpea81 New Member

    HI Bruce, CSU- Global accepts ACE recommended credits. Do you have any suggestions on which classes are the easier/little prep time to take?

    I just took Pre Cal last night through ALEKS to place in an elective. The only other class I can take through ALEKS is Intro to Stats class which I plan on taking that assessment once my credit is approved.

    I viewed the FEMA ACE recommended classes and plan on looking into that route for some electives as well.
  4. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    Have you looked at their CBEs? They have one for basic programming.
  5. Greeneyedpea81

    Greeneyedpea81 New Member

    Sanantone, yes I do see the CBE for basic programming. I'm just making sure that I am checking all possibilities first. 50% of my major has to come from CSU resident credits and I already have 2

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