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    Note to Chip/Mods:

    Generally, when I come to this site, I'm on my laptop, but every so often, as I am now, I use my husband's computer. Because I don't have DegreeInfo bookmarked on this computer, I usually just type "degree info" in the Google bar, then click on the link result from the Google search results.

    (Yes, yes, I know! How hard is it to remember a URL that is simply Sad, no?)

    Anyway, for the past few days, when doing this, I've been redirected to this link: - Your File Hosting

    I can then hit the back-browser button, click on the DegreeInfo Google link again and I am brought here to the site like I should be.

    My husband's computer is ancient and he's actually still using Flock for a browser, so that may be a big contributer to the problem, but I thought I would still mention it, since it may be happening to potential new visitors who might not back up and try the link again, instead thinking the website no longer exists. :confused:
  2. Chip

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    I replicated the problem. Really weird. I have asked our tech guys to take a look.

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