Fewer high schoolers want college, enrollment continues to slide

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    A small survey canvassed 25,000 respondents from 223 schools in 21 states...


    College enrollment remains well below pre-pandemic levels, although associate’s
    degrees and shorter-term credential programs are gaining steam.

    High schoolers are more interested in career training and post-college employment.
    Still, earning a bachelor's degree is almost always worthwhile, research shows.


    Edit to Add: We should have more success coaches at each and every institution guiding students.

    Success coaches help students navigate college - Video


    Success coaches 'dig a little deeper' to help Dallas College students

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    If I could go back in time, I would have done my local community college's radiography program right out of high school. It could have saved me a lot of uncertainty, and I might still be doing that as a part time gig to this day while still working on all of my other freelance gigs. I could have also still found DegreeInfo at some point and finished my BA at the same time that I did. *Sigh*
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    I hear you... but then I'm sure all of us could suggest improvements to our younger selves!
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    And to our older selves too, I might add. :)
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