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    Has anyone here ever taken DL courses through Troy? I was going to enroll at TESC instead, but I recently discovered that Troy allows up 60 credits via CLEP and DSST exams. Since I wasn't planning earning more than 60 credits by examination, and I live in Florida (close to Alabama), I figured that Troy would be the better choice.

    I'm in the process of completing those exams right now and I don't plan on enrolling at a school until early next year. The only thing that turns me off is it seems as though most of their online courses require several group discussion posts, where as TESC offers several guided study courses. However, the courses can be completed in 9 weeks vs. 12 with TESC. Plus, a remote proctor could be used with Troy which is more convenient to me because of my job.

    BTW, is Troy still a state university? It used to be called "Troy State University". According to Wikipedia it's still a state school, but I don't understand the name change.
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    Yes, it's still a public university, and remember that TESC doesn't place a limit on CLEP and DANTES exams, provided the credits fit into your degree program.

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    I completed my degree at Troy University in 24 months. That is true about 60 credits can be transfer from CLEP, DANTES, and Military Training. If you live in Floridia...the Distance Learning campus used to be in Fort Walton Beach, FL. I attended the school in 2004; in 2005 they dropped the term State due to multiple campuses around the world. I had great experience... let me know if you have any specific question. I would choose Troy University over TESC for most important reason is Troy University has Brick and Mortal campus.
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    Did you complete any of their online courses? If so, what were they like? I never really liked the idea of group projects through DL, because it's easy for other group members to procrastinate and fail to pull their own weight. I don't know if Troy's courses are like this for sure, but it seems that way from what I've read.

    Can you confirm?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I completed my whole degree online. I never stepped into Troy University campus nor have been in Florida and Alabama. Well, I never had any group project at Troy University. So, I can't give you the any commentson that. I have many group projects at Southern Methodist University, which I find that early action works best. Whether you start up or another member. I am motivated with group project than individual project.

    When I attended Troy University, there was no monitoring exams. Some courses require proctor exam, and most of them just online exam with limited times.

    Typically a course at Troy University requires Midterm, Final, Term paper, or quizes on the way.

    20% Midterm
    20% Quizes
    10% Homework Assignment
    10% Discussion Participation
    40% Final Exam

    I like the fact that they have participating points toward final grade. Frankly, I like to attend Troy University for my master, but I don't like the idea of two degrees from one school. Therefore, I chose Southern Methodist University....which I should chose Georgetown University for Master in Technology Management.
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    Troy is much more well-known in the deep South. I've lived in the Southeast most of my life. Troy has campuses across Alabama, Florida, and well as online and elsewhere. It's a respected school. The Big Three--TESC, COSC, and EC--are virtually unheard of in the deep South. They're regionally accredited degrees, so they'll be accepted, but employers have actually heard of Troy, and Troy has a good reputation. Consequently, a degree from Troy will likely be viewed with more prestige.
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    Are they open enrollment?

    I never attended college before. Although, I will have several passing scores on CLEP/Dantes exams they won't be in credit form on a transcript. I went to a college prep high school in the mid-west and graduated about 6 years ago. My grades were mediocre (2.65 GPA), but I did finish with 30 credits; I only needed 22 to graduate.

    I came across a site that showed college acceptance rates for various colleges. Troy's main campus had a 65% acceptance rate. I know it's not Harvard, but I'm just trying to decide if it's even worth my time to apply.

    Apparently, I'm exempt from having to take the ACT since I'm over 21. I earned a composite score of 21 on the test back in the 2002, and they seem to require a 19. Although I'm exempt, and a 21 is sufficient anyway, perhaps retaking it will help my chances of being accepted.

    Or should I transfer my CLEP/DSST credits into TESC or COSC just to have a transcript and send it off to Troy?
  8. Before going through all these steps why not give Troy admissions a call and talk with an adviser there? They can probably tell you what would increase your chance of admission.

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    Don't bother unless you're seeking an Associate degree at TESC. If you look at Troy's curriculum and CLEP/DANTES blend. It would tells you which CLEP/DANTES are credited at Troy University. Well, for enterance don't need SAT/ACT. I enrolled at Troy University at age of 20, and it was exempt as well 'cause I had more than 16 credits from the Military training.
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    I live in Alabama and know several Troy graduates; they love Troy. I don't know about the online programs, but Troy has a good rep in the state of Alabama.

    Troy is where I really want to be, I just need to make that move.

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