FDA approves eye-drops that help blurry vision presbyopia

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    Interesting... but considering that once my arms were no longer long enough that I basically started wearing reading glasses most of the time, I'm not sure this would work for me, since I'd have to use them at least twice per day. And I already know reading glasses have no side effects.
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    When I was in the military, my vision was a very acute 20/15. But by the time I was approaching 40, I started needing glasses. Because of an astigmatism, I needed bifocals to correct both near and far. (I wore progressive lenses.) A few years later I opted for Lasik. The ophthalmologist gave me a choice: perfect one or the other, near or far. I opted for far so I could do most things without wearing glasses. But he also cautioned it would make my near vision a little worse, and that turned out to be true.

    So, my distance vision was returned to 20/20 and my near vision is a bit more blurry than before. I can play golf, drive, watch TV, and do just about anything else not-up-close without wearing glasses. I can even use my iPhone and read regular print in normal sunlight, but in artificial light (including computer screens), I need readers. So, like the woman in the article, I have inexpensive readers all over the place: the car, at my desk, in my desk, under my desk (okay, that one is on me; I'm getting up there!). I would be interested in trying these eyedrops if they're effective and don't cause other problems.
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  4. Nice observation. :)

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