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    Steve I just cut and pasted something that was in bold print so degreeinfo readers could see an article I thought was intesting. It's as
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    Steve I just cut and pasted a web address that was already in bold print so degreeinfo readers could see an article I thought was interesting. It's as simple as that. There was no purposeful intent to be

    obnoxious . You judged me without knowing the situation-the fundamental attribution error. I referred to you as Mr. Levicoff out of respect -not the numnuts or an ass as you referred to me. We all know you have a doctoral degree, have written several books, and are one of, if not the leading expert on diplomas mills and distance education. Thanks for plugging my credentials but in addition to being an Adjunct professor of Psychology I'm also a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, a licensed mental health counselor and a veteran of both the Air Force and Army.

    As for being a literary slob I 'm not too concerned as I have published numerous articles in mental health and nursing journals.(over 70) I had no Trumpian strategy to divert. I said you and Rich Douglas were motivators/inspiration for me to pursue further education and writing when I first came across Degreeinfo years ago. My intent with this post was to note that when we name call and belittle we diminish our expertise and advice. I think the moderators should say more about this. Others note your humor, which I appreciate, but I want you to be aware that words can hurt too.

    We do have a few things in common-both got degree from the U. of the State of New York and based on your post we probably feel the same way about the President. I learned something about you and myself from your post and I hope you can get something positive out of mine.. I wish you the best and happy holidays. An as far as your thought that perhaps I should be a patient who says I'm not!
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    Just for the sake of accuracy, Rich is a graduate of USNY. I earned my B.A. at Thomas Edison. :rolleyes:
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    Many of us are here because we love education- definitely not smart and rich, a few I guess. It’s a love that may have saved my life from other unproductive endeavors. I’ve failed a few times attempting the elusive Phd. DI has been a place of refuge for me. I am one who is happy Steve is regular poster. There was a time when his posts were few and far between, but now he mixes it up on a regular basis , both sweet and bitter .
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    It was a scam by the us government to raise revenues from India nationals. Now, I understand the frustration of the Indian’s President - a diploma mill by the US government scamming Indians.
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    I do not consider Breitbart to be a reliable source of news or analysis.
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    Point accepted! The news system has deteriorate so much that the audience has fragmented into many little pieces. Even smart people only subscribe to news that confined their biases. I have been without TV the last four months; my evenings are beautiful.
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    Except that they weren't nerds. That's the whole point. They knew before they ever "enrolled" that they wouldn't be taking classes or doing any work. They were fully aware that the whole point was simply to get them student visas and work papers.

    Of course not.

    I applaud the US government for doing this, regardless of whether it was the Trump or Obama administration that thought it up. (The Obama ICE people seem to have originated it, to their credit, and Trump's ICE simply continued it. The difference is that ICE is now supposed to be "racist" and "fascist" or something, so the left-mythology insists. As Breitbart correctly points out, it's suddenly become an "outrage" among all the SJWs since Trump was elected, while there was nary a peep prior.

    You're too smart to fall for that, Phdtobe.

    These ostensible "students" were lucky that they weren't prosecuted for immigration fraud and simply had their visas revoked and were returned back to wherever they came from, no worse for wear. They tried to scam the the United States and it didn't work.

    In the words of New Jersey US Attorney Paul Fishman regarding too many ostensible post-secondary schools in the US, "They have no curriculum, no classes, no instructors, and no real students. These purported schools and their corrupt administrators simply give out I-20 [work permit] forms in exchange for payment. This illegal practice is known as 'pay to stay' because foreign nationals pay money to brokers and recruiters, like the defendants, to be enrolled in a school for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration status as a student --- but with no intention of or interest in going to class or making any progress toward an academic degree."

    The intention with these fake schools created by the government, the U. of Northern New Jersey in 2013 and Farmington more recently, was to smoke out the recruiting networks that organize the immigration fraud on an industrial scale. All of the criminal indictments that have come down were for recruiters, not students, who seem to have emerged unscathed, back where they started.

    But it just seems false to me to portray the students as innocents.
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    Fair enough, but they are a reliable source for crazed delusions and abject buffoonery. At least give credit where credit is due.
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    My point was that the government does not have to set up a fake school to recruit foreign nationals, then take money to bring then here illegally then deport them because they got involved in a scam to to get into the USA.
    There are enough operators of this scam in the USA and Canada. The government should be going after the operators of these scams.
    There are some truly bad people crossing the border illegally, I don’t think they are front India using students visa to work instead. Why not do real students visa? Have these people pay to both study and work. After graduation, they are mostly likely to start new business ventures and hire Americans. How does one find out about these visa scam schools. My guess it must be secretly marketed to a target audience.
    I am bias on this one, and I could be purposely blinded to the real estate.
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    OK, I'll give you that one.
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