faculty with degree from Sussex College of Technology

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  2. PSalmon

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    Sussex College of Technology has been running for so long (20+ years) that there are many alumni.

    Here are some more academics with degrees from Sussex College of Technology:
  3. John Bear

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    It is unexpected that the Texas Southern faculty with the phony Sussex degree has a Bachelor's from there, followed (it says) by a Master's and Ph.D. from a traditional and respectable Swedish university.
  4. Bruce

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    I can't even begin to fathom why the Nova faculty member would list a bogus Sussex doctorate, even after he earned a legitimate Ed.D. from NSU. The blurb on his webpage about the Sussex degree was priceless, about it being awarded prior to the Education Reform Act of 1988. In other words, I got this fraud of a degree before the British government caught on and officially declared it a fraud.

    I also continue to be amazed at the number of RA schools that either don't check or don't care about their faculty's credentials.

  5. drwetsch

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    I agree with this statement. It sounded like a disclaimer. Looks like he was working in Real Estate when the Sussex degree was obtained in 1976. My advice, he should drop the Sussex degree from his resume.

  6. Bill Huffman

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    IIRC, Dr. Bear posted in a.e.d. that Sussex College of Technology could very possibly be the oldest degree mill that is currently still operating.

    I still laugh when I read the description in Bear's Guide, Professor Emertus [sic] on your diploma for $100 extra!
  7. Peter French

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    From memory, the one that I bought for the laugh in 1972 (BEc) for 100 British Pounds, is awarded '...in recognition of studious and intellectual ability...' which looks a real wank!

    The other option was to have it in Latin :)) and tehn hardly a sould would have been able to read it.

    Later they must have been running out of cash as they then contacted everyone offering them the 'new' version which looked quite nice - and was issued from Hawaii!

    Peter French
  8. Bill Highsmith

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    It would be an impressive resume without the Sussex degree and I don't think anyone would blink at his qualifications if it were removed.

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