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  1. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Just to let you all in on the joke, I'm the one who has been posing as factwatcher, johnbear_scam, etc. on a.e.d. I figured he wasn't going away, so I decided to have some fun with it.

    Confession is good for the soul.....
  2. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Just to clarify, I'm the one posting the ridiculous messages using those psuedonyms, I'm not really factwatcher....
  3. bgossett

    bgossett New Member

    You were on my short list. I ventured in early with one of the other ones, but confused a regular and quit. There's a variant of the activity going on off of the ng, also.

    Bill Gossett
  4. mcqueary

    mcqueary New Member

    All right, enough joking around. I just though I should let you know that I am the person who has been posting as Bruce Tait. In turn, Leland Milton Goldblatt has been posting messages as Larry McQueary.

    Confused yet?

    (Yes, I'm joking. I'm not Bruce, although I did spend some time in the philosophy department at the University of Wooloomooloo. "Rule 5: NO POOFTERS, Rule 6: There is NO Rule 6!")


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