Fact check tools or Global internet censorship?

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Lerner, Aug 13, 2023.

  1. Lerner

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    Explore digital tools designed specifically for fact-checkers and journalists everywhere - helping audiences verify the authenticity and accuracy of online images, videos, and reports.
    Appears good tool to fight disinformation etc.

    But there are critics that claim that the tools purpose is to eliminate dissent on any topic Google selects.
    When an internet company comes in and makes its own content moderation decisions, under the label of fact-checking, that's not fact-checking,

    Their partners are the:

    • United Nations (UN)

    • World Health Organization (WHO)

    Plus 71 pages of other partners are listed in the fine print on this website:

    The critics state that Google’s algorithms are designed to delete websites that criticize topics
    • COVID-19 statistics

    • the World Bank

    • the crime statistics

    • PharmGKB
    And many others.
  2. Johann

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    Sensationalist media again. I'll consider the source, thanks.

    Typical viewer comment on this: "Absolutely in line with Bible prophesy and this is the Illuminati in full swing."

    Yeah, right. I'll skip this one. Too much wide-eyed, open-mouth finger-pointing - and whispering.

    Google "Fact-checking for Dummies." I just did. Lots of help...

    I've NEVER believed everything Google does is good. But this....
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  3. SteveFoerster

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    This is your periodic reminder that if government isn't doing it, it's not censorship.

    The right to free speech does not include an entitlement to one's choice of private venue.

    That said, private venues might police speech on their platforms for ideologically biased or other stupid reasons, and IMHO many do, but that's a different bad thing from "censorship", in the same way that saying things that angers people or hurts their feelings is a different bad thing than "violence".
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