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  1. codekiller

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    Does anyone know of an online school that has a executive mba program? Are they accreditated by aacsb? What are the residency requirements if there are any ? thank you for your replies!
  2. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Hello agian!

    I was reading that the executive mba is a condensed version of a full mba program does that mean that they assume that you know all the material ? Or is it more of an accelerated program for an mba and only gives you what you need to know to complete your mba and be sucessfull ? Im not really sure a bout the bussiness program as that I am a techie and Im am really trying to find a plateau to which I will be trained to be a cio some day and also be able to perform tasks as a it specialist with the option to teach in my later years this seems to be easier said than done ! I have recieved 2 opions one of the opions is to contiue with my tecnical training and you will beable to aciheve my goals. Others say if I get another degree in a technical field I will be branded as a techie and wont be con sidered for a executive level position in a company which I understand . To bad there is not a degree that combines them both to together !

    Please help the techie !! where should I look for anwsers?

    This is a link that i was reading !http://www.mba360.com/executive-mba.html
  3. etech

    etech New Member

    what about MS in ITM or an MBA with specialization in IS/ITM/e-commerce etc etc...does not gives you both but I dont know of any other. or do a MS in IT and later get a second MBA degree. just an opinion.
  4. Han

    Han New Member

    OK, Here is my response, though it is just one opinion.

    First, why an executive MBA? Usually it is because you are willing to pay more, but all other things are equal. There are many part time prorgams just as good.

    I do agree, if you have 1 or 2 degrees that are "hard science" and are looking to go to a CIO or an executive management degree, you should look into a business degree (or some other recommend a technology degree, though I do not).

    An MBA will make you "well rounded" for the type of field, and the personnel issues you will face ( in the minds of management) - in my opinion. Going for another technical degree, maybe a doctrate, will make you top in the technical field, but not an avenue into management.

    You didn't state your degree, so this is my recommendation:

    If you only have an Bachelor's, I would go ith the Master's in Business (MBA). If you areleady have a master's I would go with a Doctoral degree in technology managment, or MIS.

    I would also pick a top tier company, especially if your company will pay for it, this will give you more options in the future.

    Good Luck.
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  5. DaveHayden

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    Hi Codekiller

    Be careful on this one. RKC is sophisticated in their marketing, but they are still a degree mill. Here are some threads that discuss it thoroughly. Good luck in your search.



    Here is a link for a search of degreeinfo on RKC.


    Interestingly RKC is moving up in the world. Before they had posted photos of their office that showed a total of 2 computers, 1 printer and 1 fax machine. If you go to their web site they now show a "computer lab" that consists of 4 computers! I have more than that laying around my house. :)


    Does anyone know why a swiss school is called Robert Kennedy? Wouldn't that be the same as if I started the Winston Churchhill Institute?
  6. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator Staff Member

    If you're specifically looking for a eMBA program, off the top of my head I know that Suffolk University in Boston offers just that. They are regionally accredited, and professionally accredited by AACSB.

    As Kristie mentioned, there are many programs available that aren't labeled "eMBA", but might be a better fit for you. You should check out Jonnie's Distance Learning Page, which lists over 200 legitimately accredited MBA programs.
  7. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Thanks everyone for your help!

    I had though of the it management degree but I not sure that schools will accept that as a true bussiness degree it seem to me as a research degree, but I can be wrong. Do you think a colllege would let me teach in the bussiness department with a degree in it management ? Another degree I consdered is mis . this degree also seems to be a research degree that more technical and less bussiness oriented than the It management degree. I dont think either of these degrees will prepare totally for a career as a cio of a company I think these degree will prepare you to be a senior technicain or head of the it department. I also considered what etech said and was thinking of both degree's but the problem there besides expense and time how are going to relate to each other and will the that still label me only as a techie will a little knowledge of the bussiness world? Kristie7 gave me some good ideas too she also stated that she didnt know what degrees I had so here you go:

    A.A.S Sanford- Brown College Network Technology

    BIT American InterContinental University Information Technology

    As you can see another technical degree would make three and could mark me as a techie for life.

    Right now im not sure, but if you read my replies and Im way off base then please tell me !

    Couple more things :
    Is there a degree that is a mba in it management or mba mis?

    what do you think of the It management degree does it give you the foundation you need to become a ceo ?

    what about a mis degree?

    what do you think about getting a msit and a mba will that be to much or not enough not to label me as just a techie but wel rounded with specialized technical knowledge?

    thank you agian for all of comment they are helping alot!
  8. Han

    Han New Member

    In my opinion, no. I think the demand is higher for IT professor's rather than MIS. In MIS, you should be able to teach in the business department though and by your other degrees, you probably could do both.

    I agree, that is why I didn't go that route. There is programming classes and a technical side to the MIS programs I looked at, but if you already ave that background, I think it does bring in the business side of the house, and that would be a strong possibility

    I read an article that most CIO's are grown from within the company, so I think you will have to pay dues in management to make it that far up the chain, but this type of degree will help you get there.

    It does seem you have the technical background, so MIS would work, especially if you are looking not to take any prereqs. If you moved to a purely business degree, you would probably have to take some prereqs. (another year usually of coursework)

    I know there is, but look at Jonnie's DL page, and also the US News and World report on DL Master's in Business, it shows concentrations.

    Overall, I would do an MIS degree for a couple of reasons. First, you have the computer background, so it will have some things new, but off the foundation on what you already know. Secondly, it will give you the roundedness in Management. Depending on the industry, that would be enough to be a CEO. But, if you don't mind a few prereqs, and want a pure business degree, you could go the full blown MBA. I think either will get you the results you want, but the road to get there might be less bumpy taking the MIS route.
  9. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    thanks kristie 7,

    I went to jonnies distance learning page and I found a school that looks promissing here is the link


    I read the program is hard to get in but that could work to my benefit and the school has a good reputation I also dont mind studying for the gmat they said they wanted at least 510 every thing else I already have or will have shortly it is called a techno mba what do you think of this program?

    here is the ciruculum

  10. Han

    Han New Member

    How funny, I looked at this program. My boss is a grad from Drexel. Drexel is a GREAT school, with a great reputation. I have hearad that the drop out rate is high, because it is a difficult program. It looks pretty well rounded, not too many techie classes.

    Do you think you will go on for a doctrate? It hurt me a bit not having a master's thesis to present when I applied for the doctoral program, so you may want to think about that.

    Good Luck!
  11. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    Auburn university has an EMBA program via distance. AACSB. While various concentrations are available for MBA career fields some programs offer dual degrees. For grins Western Carolina University offers a Masters in Project Management that is AACSB accredited. If you intend to stay in the technical arena an MIS will serve you well. I have completed an MBA and working on a Masters in MIS. Many of the courses are similar, management is effective in either program. However I am able to take more courses in the MIS program that are of interest and more in line with my job. As Krisite as pointed out elsewhere in the forum the alphabet is important to some employers. Overall I would say that an MBA with a concentration fits well into any environment. Just make sure the concentration falls in with your career goals.

    Also, being marked as a techie is not a bad thing. However, a technical "manager" would have better upward mobility.
  12. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Thanks fed and kristie !

    I will definfely look into the auburn program also! I do plan to go for my doctorate but after I get my masters I will take a break for a couple years and see what phd programs are availible. I want to finish up my phd at a top tier school so thanks for the idea about the thesis that may come in handy. I still will search more on the web for different programs the drexel program looks great but 51,000 is expensive ,wow! I can got to washington university for that and I know they have a good bussiness program . I have had a chance to check out auburn yet but I will sounds like a solid program too!

    thank for your help will stay in touch!

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