European University Accreditations and Rankings?

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  1. Johann

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    Yes - as you say, it's supposed to mean EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB, but I could probably find a school or two where it means ACI, ASIC and AAHEA! :smile: Seriously, this looks like EU is just "frontin' like it's all that" again, when it's really uh -- something a bit different.

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  2. Mohammed

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    EU is still "triple-accredited" on their "About European University" page, and on their "European University Facts" page. So maybe we're not that good.
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  4. Mohammed

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    Yes, I saw that. In any case I think most observers/visitors to their website will take it to mean accreditation from their 3 specific sources of ACBSB, IACBE, and CEEMAN; and not of the standard triple crown accreditation of AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

    But at least they are not overtly indicating it like they used to on their main "Accreditation" page. So we must be doing something right!
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  5. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member

    Oops, sorry! Meant to say ".....ACBSP, IACBE, and CEEMAN...."
  6. ambrosialombardo

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    Hey guys, I'm back with more info.
    I finally had my meeting with EU in Geneva and have just received some precious info via mail to follow up on my discussion with the "secrétariat".

    Thought this could help:

    For a list of our accreditations and recognitions please visit: European University

    Swiss Private School Register Link: Das Register -
    PRME: PRME - Participants - Signatories -
    PRME Report (Social Responsibility Report):

    For a list of our Rankings please visit: European University Germany - EU Munich Business School international rankings

    Below please find the ACBSP and IACBE CHEA Links as well as the CEEMAN IQA link for all of our campuses:

    ACBSP Munich: CHEA Database of Programs Accredited By Recognized U.S. Accrediting Organizations
    ACBSP Barcelona: CHEA Database of Programs Accredited By Recognized U.S. Accrediting Organizations
    ACBSP Geneva: CHEA Database of Programs Accredited By Recognized U.S. Accrediting Organizations
    ACBSP Montreux: CHEA Database of Programs Accredited By Recognized U.S. Accrediting Organizations
    IACBE Switzerland: CHEA Database of Programs Accredited By Recognized U.S. Accrediting Organizations
    CEEMAN IQA register: IQA accredited institutions
  7. susannerothschild

    susannerothschild New Member

    Caldog, Steve, Johann, thank you very much for your inputs. I’ve had a deeper look into the different links sent over and you’ve actually made it much more clear for me to understand the accreditation systems. For instance, I had no clue about the differences bewteen the « academic institutions » and « universities »...

    For the ones that want further details on EU’s accreditations I found this recap which picks up all the basic infos
    (written by someone working at European University) :

    Proving our reputable and well-respected University, we are officially recognized and supported by all of the following esteemed:

    Our University is member of following associations:

    · FSEP (Swiss Federation of Private Schools)

    · AVDEP (Vaudoise Association of Private Schools)

    · AGEP (Geneva Association of Private Schools)

    · Service Scolaire Suisse (Swiss School Service)

    · CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Association)

    · CIS (Council of International Schools)

    · AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

    · FIBAA (Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation)

    Furthermore, we are in the process of accreditation and recognition in following international associations:

    · AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)

    · FIBAA (Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation)

    In addition we would like to emphasize that the National Agency of Superior Education of Sweden (Högskoleverket) recognizes our programs and therefore grants a scholarships to students interested in continuing their studies at European University.

    Within European educational system, European University is accredited by following Ministries:

    · Ministry of Education , Culture and Science of Holland

    · Ministry of Education of Estonia

    Also we are in the process of accreditation in following countries:

    · Ministry of Education of Malta

    · Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan

    European University’s undergraduate and graduate courses and methods of teaching are officially recognized and authorized by:

    · Generalitat de Cataluña, España–(Government of Spanish region Catalunya)

    · Department of Education and Youth of Swiss canton Vaud

  8. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member


    Memberships of the various bodies, although useful, are meaningless in terms of academic quality.

    From their current status:

    What EU does have is cantonal licensing (NOT Accreditation) AND progammatic accreditation from the ACBSP (4 campuses in Montreux, Geneva, Barcelona, and Munich) and IACBE (both Swiss campuses), and institutional IQA Accreditation from CEEMAN (Switzerland, Spain, and Germany). They also appear in the Swiss Private School Register.

    Accreditation from the AACSB and FIBAA has not occured and they remain only as members. In any event, I doubt that this will progress any further than that at this point.
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  9. ambravarieur

    ambravarieur New Member

    Thanks José, this list is very interesting!
  10. maurelleroux

    maurelleroux New Member

    Just a heads up Ambravarieur, for IMD, their ranking doesn’t include US programs. I was just looking into it and was surprised to see a Swiss school above the USA universities…
    This might help if you’re ready to study abroad : Marketing | QS
  11. florianhimmel

    florianhimmel New Member

    Hello Susanne, having graduated from a BBA at EU Munich and looking to start an MBA perhaps I can be helpful.

    I first went to the Europäische Schule and got my European Baccalaureate in 2007. I then applied to European Universitie’s BBA in Munich and graduated in 2011 which led me to an internship in Brand Management at BMW a few months later. I’ve now been hired and working there for almost 3 years.

    Recently I’ve decided to pursue a long time goal and get an MBA (online). I’ve had a look at EU’s program (which is still very new) and it actually seems quit good. Being satisfied with my BBA, EU seems like an obvious choice for me but I guess it all depends on what you wish to do in the future and if you’re already affiliated to a company.

    Of course many other schools offer excellent online MBA’s and I’m still looking into different possibilities but I felt like sharing the info.

    Good luck in your research,
    - Florian -
  12. susannerothschild

    susannerothschild New Member

    Hey Florian, thank you for your message. I actually initially thought of doing an online MBA and juggle with work but I’ve decided against it. I’ve been working for the same Marketing and Advertising agency for the past 3 years and could use a break ☺
    I’m aiming to get an MBA, to then look for a higher position ideally in an international company in Germany or why not the UK ? I actually look forward to spending a few months back at school.

    I have been looking at European University as well as TUM (Technische Universität München) which seems to offer an excellent program with partners such as Berkeley and McKinsey & Company. Not sure about their online program though, or even if they have one ? Could be worth the look...

    Thanks for taking the time to share your input and good luck in your research!
  13. Lamnguyen

    Lamnguyen New Member

    If I study in Malaysia campus of European, the degree will be awarded by European Switzerland. Is accredited program or not ?
  14. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member

    See this : European University BBA Program Recognized in Malaysia | European University
  15. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I was unable to verify the provisional accreditation through the MQA site. Nothing came up for the school, which is in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I'm not saying it's not provisionally accredited - just that I spent an hour and couldn't find it. Can you?

    If you look back, there is at least one other school - Jesselton College , also in Sabah, that enrols students for European University degrees. Again, the degree is from the Swiss Campus. I say - if you get one from the Swiss campus - it's legal but unrecognized in Switzerland and not recognized anywhere else, as far as I know. AFAIK Malaysian accreditation does not generally extend to schools physically located in Switzerland, so I'd say "no" to any offer of a diploma from the Swiss school.

    If I were in Malaysia, I would want a degree from a University with iron-clad recognition - not one that has a controversial history of offering unaccredited degrees for years in both Vietnam and Malaysia - even if it now claims provisional accreditation. Sins of the past, etc...

    There are plenty of good schools with full recognition, no shady past and reasonable fees in Malaysia. Why not try one of them?

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  16. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member

    Hi Johan,

    You are probably right about better options.

    The following is just specifically on the provisional accreditation of the EU's bachelor degree in Malaysia:

    Go to MQA Link -

    - Type "Kolej Jesselton" in the "Name of Higher Education Provider (HEP)" column, and click search.
  17. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Thanks - I was looking up Jesselton College on a separate search, not on the MQA site, when I discovered it was offering European University programs. I should have thought to try the search as you did - thanks again for the tip.

    Funny that I found no mention of Jesselton College on European University's site, in the discussion of its Malaysian Accreditation. Anyway, "provisional accreditation" in Malaysia means basically they've applied and are candidates who must achieve full accreditation by a certain date. Here's what the MQA has to say about it:

    Introduction : Provisional Accreditation

    Provisional Accreditation is a “candidacy assessment” to determine the strength of the curriculum to be offered and the readiness of its delivery support system before it is offered to the public.

    Provisional Accreditation is granted with a validity period to a particular programme. The programme is required to undergo a Full Accreditation exercise prior to the expiry of the validity period.

    It's here: List of Provisionally Accredited Programmes

    In Switzerland, an MBA from European Uni is around $19,200. A doctorate is around $43,000. No way that these prices will be acceptable in Malaysia - and signing up now is a gamble. What if they don't make it through the accreditation process?

    As I said before, there are much better Malaysian alternatives - lots of them.

  18. Lamnguyen

    Lamnguyen New Member

    If European Uni has "EDUQUA certification" , could I understand this university is "degree-granting approval in Switzerland" ?
  19. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member

    The answer is NO. EDUQUA is an adult continuing education certification. The correct body that recognizes degrees locally in Switzerland is the SUC Swiss University Conference (through the Swiss Center of accreditation and Quality Assurance
    in higher education - OAQ). See the wikipedia information on SUC here:
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  20. Lamnguyen

    Lamnguyen New Member

    Well...., Has any value (about recognize) from EDUQUA certification ?

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