European University Accreditation System

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    European University Accreditation System

    Hey everyone, I’ve recently obtained my bachelor in International Business from Grenoble (Grenoble Ecole de Management) and am looking to start an MBA in Europe. I’ve started looking here and there online and have come upon a few schools that seem interesting. However, before I go any further in my research I need to look into whether they are European University Accredited no ?

    Would any of you be able to avise me? What should I look for in terms of accreditations / reputation / requirements when looking for a uni to do a Masters ?

    I’m also open to the USA if they offer good Masters specialized in Marketing rather than finance… and at a «*decent price*» too… And again, for the USA, do I need a special European University accredited diploma ? or some equivalent of the sort ?

    Any feedback would help !
    Thank you in advance.
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    If I'm understanding your question correctly I'd have to say that there is no "European accreditation" of universities. Each country has it's own system and, in general, if a school is "accredited" (different countries use different terms) in their country of origin then this is typically accepted by other countries. If necessary, there are organizations that will look at your transcripts/program to determine equivalency. In any case, part of the answer will depend on your language skills as not all programs are offered in English. Along those lines, you should probably start right in your own country as Britain has quite a nice collection of schools offering MBA degrees through distance learning/online.
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    Thanks for the feedback Kizmet. Indeed, it does make sense. I've already started contacting different schools (including the UK...) asking them what my diploma is worth and I have come to understand that each county has is own accreditation systems and I need to check the equivalences more than anything.
    I'm working on it!
    Thanks again
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    I tend to believe the most important is what the programs have to offer more than the accreditation and reputation of the school itself. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, accreditations are not so relevant once you have a job :)
    Unless I’m completely clueless, I don’t believe a lot of employers look into the accreditations of your schools?!
    I’d look more into what alumni have to say regarding their professional cursus and openings once they were done with their Masters.
    There are so many « fake » accreditations out there.. Not sure it matters so much anymore.
    Unless I’m wrong?
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    Hello Mickael,

    I believe this link could most probably be useful. It samples the best online MBA programs in the UK.
    Best Online MBA Degrees in UK 2015

    Best of luck with your researches, hope you will find something that suits your needs!
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    I would have to go with Ada on this one! I’d almost advise to start working directly - or at least look if there are opportunities around you!
    A few months back I was looking to integrate an MBA and couldn’t really find what I wanted.
    I happened to find a job in an agency and started at the bottom of the chain. Now, I’m actually happy and don’t regret my choices. I’m not saying I’m against studying but just that sometimes you’ll get higher up the ladder by working and adding up professional experiences rather than studying. Just another option out there to consider.
    All the best!
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    Quick question for mickaelnewton, why not do your Masters at Grenoble? It’s a well reputated school with good european university accreditation and rankings no?
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    Hi Mikaelnewton,

    It would be easier to start this process from the other direction: where are you planning to use your degree?

    Once you've drawn up a list of schools / programs you like, contact the relevant credential evaluators (in the UK, this would be NARIC, in the US it would be a NACES member like WES) and ask them whether the school/program you're considering would pass a credential evaluation.

    Generally, if a school passes credential evaluation in the UK and US, it will be acceptable in most regions, as the standards in those countries are high. Although, it is always best to check in the region you're planning to use the degree.


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