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    Some of the English translation on the site is horrible. EG What is "baremable oppositions" supposed to mean? Well, barème is a French word meaning scale, or marking scheme - but not used in English. I'm indebted to a nice fella named Abdulaseyn Gulomaseynov, on Linked-in. I'm guessing, by his name that he's originally from one of the Muslim countries of the former Soviet Union. He works in an upscale restaurant in Dubai. Here's what Abdulaseyn had to say -and I thank him for his clear explanation, in excellent English:

    "These courses are considered "Baremable Oposiciones" which mean that these are recognized by the Spanish government for State Work Access Examinations."

    Well, now I know why Euroinnova urged me to "study oppositions." YMMV here and they're fairly expensive. I'm out.
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