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    This is tougher because both Greenwich and K-WU offered educational processes towards their degrees. But neither could or would gain the recognition necessary for their degrees to be considered from an accredited school. Greenwich operated first in Hawaii and then later from Norfolk Island. Hawaii had lax requirements at that time--but that's where its owner lived. Norfolk didn't have an educational system and its claim to be outside the Australian Qualifications Framework's authority was not a strong one. "If you have to ask...."

    K-WU operated in California, even after that state revoked its approval. The school "moved" its authority around, but died out after a name change and a brief stab at accreditation.

    Regardless of one's opinion's about these schools, even the best-case scenario is that they were legitimate, if unaccredited. But even at that, one cannot know what the future will hold. Degrees that meet one's needs in the present day may become problematic in the future. Boom.

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    I am really pissed that everyday seeing Federal Government employees with fake degrees for their job qualifications. I think I am going to publish a website with all people have fake degrees.
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    Beware. You may not think that simply offering your honest opinion could get you in trouble, but it can.

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    I know degreeinfo.com received many threats from the diploma mill colleges/universities. Was there any case that degreeinfo.com was taken to court?
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    I'm not so sure she's an employee. Doesn't sound like it to me.

    Good luck on the website and subsequent lawsuit.
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    Not to mention that we have already discussed this specific law in Texas in prior threads and I have questioned its constitutionality under the First Amendment.
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    I'm not sure degrees from Greenwich and K-WU are fake.
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