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  1. Dustin

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    As a counterpoint, this would not be the first program to be evaluated on the basis of limited exams. Quantic's MBA and EMBA programs base 60% of the grade on two exams, a "midterm" covering Accounting, Statistics and Economics, and a final covering the remainder of the courses (Marketing, Leadership, Operations Management, etc.)

    India has the concept of a "one sitting degree" (now discontinued due to fraudulent copycats I understand, but valid when delivered by a legitimate university.) A student who completed a "one sitting" degree would study for a period of perhaps 10 months and then during the 2-month exam season would sit all the exams required for the 4 year program. If they passed those exams, they would be awarded the credit for the degree immediately.

    The GED is intended to be equivalent to a 4-year high school education (and is treated as such by all but the snobbiest of schools) and that is either 1 or 4 exams depending on how you look at it, taken over 8 hours.
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  2. Vicki

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    The curriculum really isn’t that great. You read a poorly translated textbook that they wrote. Then you have multiple choice quizzes that don’t count for your grade. You are graded solely on the paper that you write for each “course”. Or this new 50 question test. They have random “Masterclasses” that aren’t necessarily tied to anything. It is definitely a money grab. Pay us for access. Pay us for this certificate. Pay us to add another “degree”. Pay us for this irrelevant MCA certification. Pay us to take a multiple choice test instead of a paper. The longer I was in their system, the more convoluted it seemed.
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    I've found the ENEB school very interesting from all of the perspectives I've read over the years. I still may enroll as a hobby and/or bridge to advanced standing for a DBA at some point. I never understood the MCA Business School validation/certification but after inquiring about it and actually already discerning when I first started seeing it offered, MCA Business School is attempting to accredit the "Masters" title due to the "US state-approved" status it has while ENEB is already certified by Universidad Isabel I for the credits as a Master Propio with the Masters title being unofficial by them. WES was not wrong in evaluating ENEB as a non-accredited Masters although they could do a much better job in explaining their rationale like IEE does. WES might have known about ENEB's connection with MCA Business School and is evaluating them under the same "non-accredited/state authorized" umbrella while ignoring the Universidad Isabel I certification altogether. IMO, if ENEB was only certified by Universidad Isabel I with no relationship with MCA Business School, it may be a "refuse to evaluate" situation.

    MCA's partnership with UCAM is effective in that UCAM issues its own diploma and transcript based on MCA's coursework as Propio degrees just like Universidad Isabel I does for ENEB. However, MCA's validation diplomas for ENEB work for the purpose of accrediting the Master's title with their thinking being you have the accredited coursework from Isabel I so let us accredit the Master's title. MCA's validation is for accreditation only and will not work in the UCAM partnership since Universidad Isabel I takes care of this initially with their accreditation.

    Many Mexican, Spanish, and Swiss schools have been blacklisted due to validation, partial accreditation, and other degree laundering schemes. I have a feeling that ENEB will be getting blacklisted by evaluators at some point with this new testing format. The evaluation will likely say PASS across the board for all courses or likely won't be eligible for a course-by-course evaluation at all which may be a problem for those who want to continue their education even though these were not designed to advance to a higher degree.
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  4. SteveFoerster

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    Hence: "...but I concede that's not an antonym."
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  5. JBjunior

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    My concern isn’t the exam format in general; it is the rigor of this particular exam as a near-standalone path to being awarded an MBA. The point of any exam is to test if learning has occurred or knowledge is possessed at an appropriate level for whatever is being awarded/acknowledged. Are you asserting that this exam, with everything we know about the format, is appropriate by itself to demonstrate the equivalence of what is expected of an MBA or should be considered in the same category of acceptance as the others you mention?
  6. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    I've not taken any courses by ENEB nor their exam(s) so I can't say, but it's important to emphasize that this format alone is not enough to discount the degree, since my own (accredited) MBA was awarded largely the same way.
  7. datby98

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    I am curious if Mac and all of those who participated in ENEB programs got their 7'' tablet gifts. How does it look?
  8. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    I was told that only people who paid the full price would get one. Meh... fine for me.
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  9. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    One can buy a really nice tablet with just half the money saved on not paying full price.
  10. datby98

    datby98 Active Member

    Full price? I see; ENEB anticipates some saint people would pay 8.400€ for the MBA and get a 7'' tablet.
  11. AsianStew

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    I haven't tried, didn't sign up for it when they were 'selling' at $99 each... I didn't think the strategy on their part was a good one, so didn't partake in the exam options, otherwise I would have bought a couple more that I was interested in...
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  12. SamSam

    SamSam New Member

    I’m also curious as to how the diploma from UI1 is going to look like. The usual one says something like “1500 hours of study.” Any update, Mac Juli?
  13. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    No. Not in the next 45 or so days (they wrote it may take 60 days until the diploma is issued)!
  14. Steven Nguyen

    Steven Nguyen New Member

    I also took the exam and they also said it will take for 60 days to get the digital diplomas.
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  15. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Boy. Wrong again. Today I had to fill a type form, and when I was done, I got the message:

    "You have fulfilled the form correctly. Now that we have all the information needed, we will start the issuance of the digital diplomas. Please note that the issuance take 60 days after fulfilling this form.".
  16. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    That is some high stakes form-fillery. What if it said you made a mistake! "You have 20 seconds to comply"
  17. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    You pay 39 Euro for a correction. This was pointed out in the mail.

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  18. INTJ

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    I don't know why so many people expect graduate study to be hard. I've known for decades that graduate school is usually easier than undergrad. I heard it back in the '90s from people who had finished RA master's degrees in different fields. I think it really depends on the program, some disciplines are just harder than others. I've wiped out of several RA graduate programs in different fields, due to my autoimmune disease. None of them were ever hard. There may have been some parts that were difficult but, overall, they weren't hard. Not even law school.

    ENEB didn't write the course materials for their programs. They use a course provider, Harvard Business Publishing Education (logo on website). You would be surprised at just how many RA schools use a "course in a box" provider. Even the big name textbook publishers have gotten into it. The curriculum in Spanish is probably just fine, which makes sense as the Spanish market was their original target audience. For those using the English-language materials, the course content is fine but it's the translation that's clunky. The quizzes that don't count are for review. I don't see how that's a problem. It's a tool to help us learn the most important points and retain the information. But, they're not mandatory. Use them or don't; to each his own.

    Being graded for the final project isn't abnormal. I know for a fact that's how many law school courses are. And the final papers are actually case studies, which are commonly used in business schools to evaluate students at the end of a course. The Masterclasses aren't mandatory. They're there for those who want to watch them. ENEB has more programs than just the MBA and maybe those students find the masterclasses useful for the Spanish job market. Also, they have a library with all the past masterclasses in them. If the current masterclass doesn't apply to one's program, all one has to do is look in the library and find the classes that do.

    Now, about the exam option. When it was announced I wrote them and asked some questions. I also warned them that they could cause problems in the States with American students and FCEs. I also expressed concern about the exam devaluing traditional degrees in the eyes of FCEs. Their reply was that the exam option was not for anyone who would need to show transcripts and grades, or get course evaluations. Basically, the exam options is for people who already have the experience and skills (and a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree (I think) with 5 years experience) and needed the paper for advancement. I don't think it's supposed to be a shortcut for people who don't already have an extensive background in business. Anyone who is unsure if they'll ever need to show courses, grades, and a transcript should default to the traditional program.
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  19. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    This is very good advice. The question is, will the people who should, actually do that? I suppose, if they don't - it's on them, nobody else. So - if they make the wrong decision, they'll have to make the best of the situation they created. I'm OK with that --- been there enough times, myself.

    That kind of "experiential learning" has harder lessons than anything taught by ENEB. But they sure do "stick."
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  20. Vicki

    Vicki Well-Known Member

    I don’t think the course materials are from Harvard Business Publishing at all. They have an add-on that you can pay extra for access to a selection of Business Foundation courses. https://hmm.eneb.com/ They are not directly related to anything in the actual coursework. It’s just an add-on.

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