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    Hello all. I am just seeking feedback on Embry-Riddle-Worldwide. I know they have a huge military audience, but I haven't experienced them myself. I am looking into their MS in Occupational Safety Management program.

    Opinions on who has the strongest MS in Occupational Safety Management program:
    1. Embry-Riddle (http://worldwide.erau.edu/degrees/graduate/occupational-safety/index.html); or
    2. University of Central Missouri (http://www.ucmo.edu/ucmonline/graduate/documents/OnlineMSOSMhandout.pdf)

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    I just realized I've been a member for 7 years (since 01/2005) and have only posted 64 times! Sad :(
  3. Ian Anderson

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    I know nothing about the ERAU MS in OS program.

    I took my Master of Aeronautical Science through ERAU Worldwide; however it was not via DL but in-seat at various locations in Southern California including an aerospace company, an air logistics company, and an Air Reserve Base.
    Fellow students were mostly aerospace engineers and airline pilots plus several members of the USAF. Faculty were mostly part time who were well versed in their specialties. What I loved was the lack of bureaucracy in signing up and their attention to special requests (I got an extension to my thesis deadline).
  4. edowave

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    Embry-Riddle's strongest reputation is in the aviation industry. They also tend to be pretty pricey. Unless you are working in aviation, I don't see a reason to go with them. Central Missouri would probably be cheaper.
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    Thanks for the reply. That's what I was thinking, but their program doesn't seem aviation focused. I've been chewing on Central Missouri for some time now before I seeing Embry-Riddle's program.
  6. faero13

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    That's a big plus!
  7. Ted Heiks

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    That's better than being a member for 7 years (since 02/2005) and having roughly 10,000 posts.
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    Embry-Riddle offers many programs that aren't aviation focused. I was just saying that's what the university is known for. What's the difference in price?
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    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I know a lot of people that have used them, being in the military and being at air stations before. I too would avoid them because they are so aviation focused. With that said, if they had the program I wanted at the right price, I would jump on it. But all things being equal I would choose a different school.
  10. What area do you live in? That normally is a factor as well.
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    Don't feel bad, you only have to post 9917 more times to catch up to Ted (of course, he would have to stop posting here today, which would then cause Venus to crash into the Sun, instead of just casting it's shadow on it).
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    In full disclosure, my name is Dr. Todd Smith and I am the Program Chair for the Master of Science in Occupational Safety Management (MSOSM) program offered through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I felt compelled to respond after viewing your post. You have selected two great programs. UCMO has a great program and Dr. Blunt and her faculty do a great job. Although our programs are similar, I encourage you to explore those differences in making a decision which program is best for you.

    I am very proud of our program at ERAU. We have great students, including those already working in the safety field and those that aspire to work in the field. We have students throughout the US and some abroad. We have great discussions and good interaction between students and between faculty and students. We do provide a rigorous academic experience, but incorporate a practical educational experience including applied assignments and activities, which can be applied directly in the field or in the work organization.

    Embry-Riddle does have a great reputation in the field of aviation and aerospace; however, this program is not specific to those industries. We aim to enhance the practice of occupational safety, health and environmental management in a variety of occupational and industrial settings including manufacturing, construction, transportation, service industries, federal, state, and local government operations, and insurance companies.

    With regard to the curriculum, you would find the program to be cohesive and a rigorous educational experience. The courses are taught by terminally degreed faculty with extensive experience in the field of occupational safety and health and industrial hygiene and toxicology. Although rigorous, the ERAU MSOSM program can be completed in a timely manner as courses are completed during 9-week terms offered throughout the year (Aug-Oct, Oct-Dec, Jan-March, March-May, May-July). This allows the student to advance through the program in a timely manner. The program does require completion of 36 credit hours of study composed of Safety Management (27 credit hours) and Research (9 credit hours). The courses address topics such as occupational safety and health management; hazard control methods of occupational safety and health; environmental protection; industrial hygiene and toxicology; human factors and ergonomics; fire sciences; disaster preparedness and emergency response; legislations, litigation and compliance operations; and, systems safety. The research courses include statistics, research methods and the student’s graduate capstone course.

    Again, thank you for your interest. I am very proud of our program and our students. With Embry-Riddle’s expertise in offering programs in multiple modalities, I think you would find that this program and university would meet and exceed your expectations.
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    Great post. It is always nice when someone directly involved in the program can respond.
  14. Ian Anderson

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    I agree - nice to hear input from top schools.
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    Thanks for the reply. This is very useful!
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    Update - University of Central Missouri admissions

    So I applied for admission to the University of Central Missouri two months ago. I was interested in their MS in Occupational Safety and Health online degree. Paid the $30 application fee, ordered all my transcripts, and have heard nothing (besides getting a student ID number and getting access to my online student account, which has zero information on it). I have called several times and was told that they still haven't received my COSC transcripts, although COSC has proof of delivery. I have sent e-mails and received no response. I don't know if anyone is or has attended the University of Central Missouri, but I won't be! I will be withdrawing my application because this is unacceptable!

    Has anybody else experienced a similar situation?
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    Hey Ian,

    I was reading one of your posts… I am currently a student with Embry-Riddle and looking at pursuing the 4+1 program to get my masters in Aeronautical Science. I was wondering how your experience with the program was and if you have any pointers.

    Thank you,

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