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    hi friends,i am from ECE background?can u pls suggest me best embedded training institute for embedded course?
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    What are you looking to accomplish? The link that Kizmet provided appears to be a great program available online and it's from a reputable institution.
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    There is some likelihood that the op is a budding spammer and what they're trying to accomplish is to eventually drop some spam in to a post or their sig line, etc. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt but there is doubt. After all, I found a bunch of embedded systems programs using google. It was super easy. Probably easier than finding DI.
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    Thanks. Sigh... he called us friends though... and... and... I thought we could talk about printed circuit boards... and stuff

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    You never know, raja might come around

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    Raja should
    Raja should certainly get his act together - when I see "ECE" in a post on DI, the first thing I think of is Early Childhood Education.

    Even then, there is a plethora of other options according to one acronym finder:

    ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
    ECE East Central Europe
    ECE Economic Commission for Europe
    ECE École de Coiffure et d'Esthétique (French: School of Hairdressing and Aesthetics)
    ECE Engineering Civil Engineering (various schools)
    ECE Early Care and Education (various organizations)
    ECE Economische Commissie voor Europa (Dutch: Economic Commission for Europe; UN)
    ECE Electrical Communication Engineering (program)
    ECE École de Commerce Européenne (French: European Business School; various schools)
    ECE Energy Conversion Efficiency
    ECE Ecole Centrale d'Electronique (France)
    ECE Early College Experience (various schools)
    ECE Evidence of Continuing Education (various organizations)
    ECE Electronics and Communications Engineer
    ECE École de Conduite Européenne (French: European Driving School)
    ECE Europa Central y del Este (Spanish)
    ECE Exceptional Child Education
    ECE Évaluation des Capacités Expérimentales (French: Experimental Capacity Assessment)
    ECE Edinburgh Corn Exchange (UK)
    ECE Embedded-Control Europe (online information portal)
    ECE European Congress on Epileptology (epilepsy)
    ECE Environmental Control Equipment (UK)
    ECE Electronic Concepts & Engineering (Holland, OH)
    ECE Educational Credential Evaluators Inc
    ECE Expertise-Comptable en Entreprise (French: Expertise in Business-Accounting)
    ECE Early Childhood Enrichment
    ECE Église Chrétienne Évangélique (French: Evangelical Christian Church)
    ECE Engineering Cost Estimate
    ECE Electronic Communication Equipment
    ECE Escadron de Chasse et d'Expérimentation (French: Fighter Squadron and Experimentation)
    ECE Escenic Content Engine (est. 1997)
    ECE Endothelin Converting Enzyme
    ECE Editor's Choice Edition (gaming)
    ECE Electronic Commerce Europe (Association)
    ECE Environmental Control Engineer
    ECE Escrime Club Estudiantin (French: Student Fencing Club)
    ECE Electronic Combat Environment (aircrew training devices)
    ECE Expertise & Conseil de l'Entreprise (French: Expertise & Consulting of Enterprise)
    ECE Early Career Engineer (various organizations)
    ECE Event Correlation Engine (software; various companies)
    ECE Echo Cancellation Equipment
    ECE Em Caso de Emergência (Portugal)
    ECE Environmental Compliance Evaluation
    ECE Einkaufs-Center Entwicklung (German Shopping Mall Development Company)
    ECE Electro-Chemical Engineering
    ECE Extracapsular Axillary Nodal Extension (cancer)
    ECE Error Correction Coded
    ECE Executive Coordination Element
    ECE Early Childhood Education/Educator
    ECE Explicit Congestion Echo
    ECE Expected Classification Error ​

    Personally, I think it's about time presumptuous morons stop using abbreviations, period. When I see an abbreviation in a post with which I'm not familiar, it's a pain in the ass to have to open a new screen just to look it up. This is especially the case when I see institutional abbreviations that are used for more than one school - I recently cited the use of OU, which can be Ohio University or University of Oklahoma (which uses OU rather than UO), and it turned out that the writer meant Open University. Ditto the recent use of DSU - who the hell would even think of a Podunk school like Dakota State University, which is what the writer intended?

    And when a newbie has to ask whether COSC means Charter Oak State College, how do we expect anyone new to know the meaning of TESU? Not to mention the various meanings of UoP? (Look at how many times threads have crossed over to talk about the wrong school when confusing University of Phoenix with University of the People.)

    I recently read an old thread on DegreeForum in which the writer referred to UC. Here at DegreeInfo, we automatically assume that refers to University of the Cumberlands - it turned out, several messages into the thread, that she meant the University of Chicago. (One could, of course, also think of University of California, but most times UC is used with a city abbreviation after it.) And while USC can mean University of Southern California, try telling that to someone who goes to the University of South Carolina. And if you think ASU always means Arizona State, watch yourself if you're in Arkansas, which has its own ASU.

    In other words, if we expect these newbie morons to get their acts together, then the old-timer morons have to help them along. Now, am I including myself in either list of morons? My sense of humility prevents me from answering that. :D
  8. Kizmet

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    My favorite is NCU, which as we know refers to Northcentral University. But since Northcentral is one word it really should be NU. But that refers to Northeastern University. Or is it Nations? Or maybe National. Or could it be . . .
  9. Steve Levicoff

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    Of course, if you went there (as I did), it is naturally Norwich University.

    Then there are the people who have no clue about the difference between Northcentral University (one word, the former for-profit in San Diego) and North Central University (two words, the always-been-non-profit in Minneapolis). Both have online programs, both are regionally accredited, and both refer to themselves as NCU.
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    Does "ECE" mean electronics and computer engineering? That's what one 'UC' (the University of California) calls it. What kind of background do you have? Bachelors level?

    A web search turns up a variety of distance learning programs in embedded systems, from individual classes to entire degree programs. It's a very hot topic in engineering and there are lots of job opportunities at the moment. Several masters level DL programs are below. You will find more if you snoop around under 'systems engineering' and things like that. Look for embedded systems emphases in computer engineering and electrical engineering.

    Here's a masters program offered by another 'UC', the University of Colorado



    Here's one offered in English by the Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern in Germany


    Another German one is from the University of Freiburg

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    It's been a few days since the originsl post and we've not heard anything in response from our new friend cool raja. Maybe that raja is not so cool after all.
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