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    This one is interesting... "night meditation" earns you various degrees.

    Embassy University has been authorized by the Department of Education of the state of Florida to grant degrees as an independent educational institution having its own curriculum.

    The good news is that a twelve-year-old can apply.

    The cost (if any) is unclear.

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    Florida has one of the most stupidly low bars for religious exemption that I've ever seen. Virginia is pretty lax but they, at least, require a fee of a few hundred bucks to get your exemption approved. Florida? Cheap and easy. I treat approval there as a red flag particularly when the school isn't actually based in Florida.

    It would, perhaps, be a little less offensive I think if Florida didn't have a law prohibiting unaccredited doctorates being used publicly and then promptly exempting anyone with a doctorate from one of their religious exemption schools.
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    Kizmet, you make an interesting distinction between night "mediation" and meditation. Maybe both apply... and they could offer courses in both.

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