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    Hello! seems to be the Italian equivalent of futurelearn. They offer a lot of courses in Italian, but some are in English. What might be especially interesting is this one here: It seems that you can get 3 CFU = 3 ECTS for free, but I did not dig deeper.

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    Seems to have a large number of prerequisites - but they are all program titles, not subjects. So - I think perhaps these 2 courses in International Economics are the prerequisites - required for various degree paths at Università Politecnica delle Marche here:

    Don't know how transferable they are to other schools. Can't see why they wouldn't be, if they jibe with your (non-US) curriculum. This site seems to deal in stuff for quite a number of schools. Interesting. Italian academia is a bit convoluted to navigate - as one would expect in a country where the Bologna Declaration originated - but I'll try, soon as I can. We've hardly scratched the surface on this one. Thanks, Mac. :)
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    Where does it say Free Master's degree, Bryan? I read the whole page (Italian) - didn't see that. I think it's like the deal Mac Juli spotted. A couple of beginning prereq's free - then you pay. Also, I think you find the beginning courses are free - but if you want the cert. (and the credits?) it's like 65-75 Euros apiece.
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    Actually, there are quite a few unexplored rabbit holes here. This page has a bit about how MOOCs are free but you pay 75 euro for a cert? Also something about courses are online but you have to take exams at a Cineca centre (large Computing facility). There are four of these - all in Italy.

    I'm not certain of what exactly you can/can't get for free here, yet. - lots of pages to go through - mostly Italian - OK by me. But I can tell you, I think the freebies stop WAY short of a Master's degree - which may, in fact, be unattainable unless you can take exams in Italy.

    La ricerca è tutto, Bryan. :) (Research is everything.)
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    deleted - dup post J.
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    Nobody should do this, going in blind! What happens if you get this kind of message back?

    "Benvenuto. Ora sei iscritto. Si prega di inviare 10000 euro, come d'accordo."
    (Welcome You are now enrolled. Please send 10,000 euro, as agreed.)

    Don't sign up for anything if you don't know exactly:

    (1) What it is
    (2) Who they are
    (3) What you're doing

    At best, you'll look silly. At worst .... who knows? I note that you didn't sign up for it, Bryan. :eek: Why should we?

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