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    Hi folks,

    I'm trying to find an online educational consultant certificate program--one that would not break the bank, less than 5K--however, I'm having a hard time finding online programs. I don't know if it is my Google settings here in Nicaragua but most of the results are for other stuff not related to my search, so annoying. :soapbox:

    My wife opened an independent educational consultant office here in Managua and things are going well. However, she would like to work on an educational consultant certificate as it will add more legitimacy to her work. As always, thank you!
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    I've never even heard of an educational consultant certificate. Do you have an example of a classroom-based one so we can get a sense of what you mean to help us find an online one?
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    You need a certificate to proclaim yourself an expert in something you know little about, talk out of your ass at a highly hourly rate, blame all negative effects of your "recommendations" on the organization (just say the failure was in the works since before you arrived) and take credit for every good thing that happens even if you had nothing to do with it?
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    So . . . that's what works for you?:biggrin:
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    Sorry for not being clear in the original posting, the perils of writing on a phone. :biggrin:

    My wife works as a college admissions consultant, this includes but is not limited to: Helping with the interview process, choosing the right school--making sure it is the right fit, essay coaching, financial aid process, US Visa requirements, scholarship process, so forth and so on. Nicaragua does not require any license whatsoever in order to work as a college counselor/consultant. Thus far we are the first ones in Managua catering to this very niche, at least here in Nicaragua, market. Things have gone quite well, and she just wanted the certificate to add a bit more legitimacy to the process. She already has a masters degree.

    I found one online: *

    UCI Extension

    * Oops, I saw Kizmet's post afterwards, she found it first.
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    I work on an hourly basis for a company as a specific type of educational consultant- they contacted me prior to this academic year, and things are going well. That said, I think it would be difficult to run as a business- and I think the challenges wouldn't be lack of credential. I have a master's too, but what I'm getting paid for doesn't have a certificate - so really what your wife needs to "sell" is her ability to get kids into college. If she doesn't have a client list, she can work for free to build one. People want results, nothing more.
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