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    Sorry, RJT, but you again warp the facts to fit your situation. While some unaccredited schools got .edu domains, this practice was halted. Of course, they couldn't take away the ones issued, but other unaccredited schools, "state approved" or not, cannot receive one.

    The article in The Chronicle of Higher Education that I posted earlier in another thread makes it clear that those ineligible schools who already have .edu domains won't be affected by this recent change.

    The whole point of changing the rules to exclude unaccredited schools, but to include properly accredited schools other than RA, was to distinguish accredited schools who, generally, do not have a .edu domain. It is unfortunate that some do.
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    I appologize for the "fact-warp". I should have stated RA/NA, grandfathered State Approved/Registered, and otherwise unaccredited schools.


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