Ed.S in Educational Technology (Which you think is better?)

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    Yes, I have been in the field of Instructional Technology for 21 years and know personally most of the "big name" professors in the field. It is a pretty tight-knit bunch.

    When looking at a university doctoral program, remember that individual programs within a university may not be regarded the same. In the field of instructional technology, for example, some of the top programs in the country (e.g. Utah State University, University of South Alabama, San Diego State University) are not necessarily at the "tier 1" institutions.
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    What are you pursuing for your thesis?

    Research/action dissertation on designing an online course (best practices) and then designing a course from scratch and putting it into practice at an RA institution.

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    Sorry to chime in basru, I understand you completed your Ed.S at Northwestern State. I was trying to locate some of the admissions information and qualifications but I couldn't locate it on their webpage. Is their a link or contact person you could provide? I know someone I work with who might benefit from this program.
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    If you don't mind me asking, what is it going to cost to get the doctorate since you have the Ed.S? how many more credits etc?

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    Very nice! the price for the Ed.D 36 hours?

    You got your S.Ed. in Ed Tech. What other fields do they have?

    After the Specialist degree, how long do you think that it will take to finish the Ed.D.?


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    After you transfer in 45 hours (if you have a master's AND an Ed.S.), Northcentral will require 36 hours left to complete the doctorate. The cost will be around $30,000 total, or $525 per hour.

    The only completely online Ed.S. at Northwestern State is in educational leadership and instruction with a concentration in educational technology. Once you begin at Northcentral, assuming you transfer in 45 hours, you can expect two or three years, and that depends upon how quickly you can move through the courses, the comps, and the dissertation process. Everyone will be different.

    Please access the links I provide above and reference my previous posts for more information.


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