Ed.S in Educational Technology (Which you think is better?)

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by seduflow, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Northwestern State University

    Here's the one I did (Ed.S./Educational Technology):


    I don't know about better, but it's a heckuva lot cheaper. I got the whole 30 hours for around 6K. NSU offers in-state, special rates for e-learners. And yes, it's RA and done entirely online. I completed mine in one year. The folks there are great...very flexible and easy to work with. You pretty much design your own program.

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    how were the classes structured? is it a more research oriented?

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    Hopefully, I answer you questions here about NSU, but if I don't you're certainly free to ask more...

    30 hours (that's ten courses, and one course is an approved plan/project, but not a thesis or dissertation).

    NSU online runs a regular 16-week term. In one term, I took four courses (12 hours) and worked full-time with a family. It's do-able, though I would suggest nine or possibly six per term...just depends on the individual. Each individual instructor is responsible for the content of the courses...no canned stuff, more individualized, personalized than anything.

    I recommend highly. Talk to Dr. Karen McFerrin in the ed tech department...she's tremendous!

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    Northwestern State


    To reinforce what Basaru is saying, I am a current student in the Ed.S program at NSU. It is awesome, flexible, inexpensive and the teachers are great. Kioh Kim is my advisor and I find him, Dr. McFerrin and Dr. McBride to all be great.

    DO check them out! Once I finish here, I am going on to the Ed.D program at NCU.

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    Once I finish here, I am going on to the Ed.D program at NCU.

    I took the exact route. Can't beat 45 hours in transfer, leaving only 36 for the doctorate, whether Ph.D. or Ed.D.!

  7. elevation02

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    How Many Courses?


    How many courses will you have to take at NCU before you hit the dissertation courses? Are you enjoying NCU as much as NSU?

    You're right, can't beat having only 36 hours to go to an Ed.D AND taking the Ed.S route is very inexpensive in comparison.

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    Of the 36 hours remaining at NCU, 24 are research/dissertation/comps section. That means only 12 hours of actual coursework. As for me, I have finished the coursework, research, and comps, and I am going to start (fingers crossed) the first dissertation phase in January...only nine hours left. :)

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    That is so awesome, thanks for sharing! Good luck and keep us posted!

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    i have read horrible reviews about ncu and there doctorate program. Some say they can never get passed it and always have to redo the work.
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    University of Missouri has the better reputation and this program in particular has a very good reputation in the field of educational technology. John Wedman is very well known in ed tech circles and David Jonassen is one of the most productive scholars in the field.

    Having said that, Michael Simonson, Professor and Chair of the Instructional Technology & Distance Education (ITDE) program at Nova Southeastern is also a big name in the field of ed tech (he is the editor of two major distance learning journals).

    Either choice would be a good one for someone interested in a career in educational technology, but U. of Missouri has the better overall reputation.
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    Thanks for the input so far!!

    Also Anthony, how do u know about the programs so well? Do you workin within that field?
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    look at some of the reviews..yikes! apparently ncu had some shakup or something...something aboutp professors getting fired recently

    No university is perfect...that's for sure. NCU isn't perfect. There are problems there as well as everywhere else. For every happy customer, there's an unhappy one somewhere with another story to tell. That's not just at NCU but at Slippery Rock, University of the South, Harvard, or the local community college up the street.

    As for the "shakup," the President was replaced in the past year, as were the deans of a couple of disciplines. Along the way, NCU lost some mentors, whether through natural attrition, unacceptable classroom performance, or some other reason. Recently (within the last two months), the university was sold to an equity company. You may reference those threads on this board by doing a search. The intent of the new owners is to make money...no surprise there! NCU has been advertising across a wide variety of Internet sites including Juno Internet, FOX News, Yahoo Internet, Boston Globe online, among others.

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    hey basaru, are you currently a teacher?
  17. basrsu

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    hey basaru, are you currently a teacher?

    Yes, I am. But not for Northcentral.

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    I think Ed.D and Ed.S are better after graduation.
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    what do you mean?
  20. StevenKing

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    EdD emphasis

    What are you pursuing for your thesis?

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