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    Interesting! I can actually see the need for an Ed.D. in Aviation and Space Studies. Those in the aviation industry are lifelong learners. Not only are there civilian and military-technical schools for aircraft and avionics technicians, but there are also flight schools and airline training centers that re-evaluate and educate pilots, aircraft dispatchers, mechanics, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, meteorologists on a continuous basis. Educators trained in educational technology are needed to train military and civilian pilots on the ground, simulators, and in flight. Since the FAA requires constant evaluation and training of virtually everyone in the aviation industry, the Ed.D. seems the next logical step for this industry. That's just the aviation side. The Space side has huge potential for growth as well. Commercial space flights, cybersecurity, and satellite communications with military and civilian utility. The Ed.D. in Aviation and Space Education seems like a shoo-in for developing and administering the training needs in this sector as well.

    Good find!
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  3. chrisjm18

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    I don't deny that all those points are valid. However, that is the purpose of Ph.D. programs. An Ed.D. was not meant to incorporate all the disciplines it now does.
  4. Alpine

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    I disagree. Ph.D. holders are not necessarily educators. The focus of the Ed.D. at OSU is "leadership and executive development" with an emphasis on aviation and space education. As I explained earlier, the educational administration opportunities in this field are astounding.
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  5. chrisjm18

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    Who said they were? Neither are Ed.D. holders.
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    I saw this program a couple of months ago and thought it was interesting. Looking at the entire curriculum, I wouldn't call this an education program. This is more of an aviation administration or aviation leadership program. There's one course in running an aviation institute and one seminar in aviation education. This would be more fitting for a DBA, Doctor of Management, or the rarer Doctor of Leadership program, but the EdD has become the de facto leadership degree. For teaching, the Doctor of Arts would be the more appropriate format. For education administration, an EdD would be appropriate, but the focus should be on education administration.
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    Oh, sure, the ever cash seeking legal education establishment has started offering LL.M. degrees in Air and Space Law. Probably a waste of time and money. Better to work in the field for a year.
  8. Alpine

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    The Ed.D. degree concentrates on the educational arena of the aviation and space sectors and appears to be a unique degree program in this country. The Ed.D. in aviation and space education is perfectly appropriate and not "absurd." However, I do not disagree that the Ed.D. may be overused in other disciplines. Unlike other doctorates that have a return on investment, I suspect the reality is that there are very few applicants to the OSU Ed.D. program in Aviation and Space education as well as other online aviation doctoral programs such as those offered by:

    St. Louis University: Aviation Ph.D. : SLU

    Embry Riddle University: Ph.D. Degree in Aviation | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (erau.edu)

    Florida Institute of Technology: Doctor of Aviation, Av.D. | Florida Tech (fit.edu)

    University of North Dakota: Aerospace Sciences Ph.D. | University of North Dakota (und.edu)

    Here are some links to aviation education programs sponsored by the government:

    Aviation & Space Education (AVSED) (faa.gov)

    High School Aerospace Scholars | NASA

    Educators | Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters (gocivilairpatrol.com)

    With that said, the program at OSU appears to be an excellent avenue for aviation professionals interested in running academic programs within the airline, FAA, commercial space programs, military training programs, international airline training programs, etc. I suppose the master's degree in aviation science and education coupled with experience and recognized certifications will suffice with a doctorate adding icing to the cake but not much to the paycheck. Perhaps educators at the aviation universities across the country will benefit from obtaining an Ed.D. as they struggle for tenure?

    Once again, good find!

    Back to flying, I mean crashing my Microsoft flight simulator.
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  9. nosborne48

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    I wouldn't do this degree unless it was fully funded.
  10. Alpine

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    So you are an aviation professional? I can't imagine someone without an aviation or space industry background even contemplating doing this program in the first place. I'm guessing the OP has an aviation background of some kind with their Bio showing Liberty University which has an aviation program.
  11. nosborne48

    nosborne48 Well-Known Member

    No but I live surrounded by what passes for a hotbed of space travel, Southern New Mexico. I still wouldn't do this degree unless it was fully funded.
  12. SteveFoerster

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    It's a shame the EdD isn't designed to be what the Doctor of Arts was meant to be.
  13. TEKMAN

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    The curriculum does not seem to be anything for education. It is more likely to be a Ph.D. in Aviation Management or a Doctor of Management in Aviation.
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    What an interesting and important comment. I looked as well and did not see a single course that says anything about education. Even the program description does not mention education.

    The degree emphasizes aviation leadership and executive development; administration of aviation institutions; aviation law; influencing public policy in the aviation industry; international aviation issues; the development of air and space flight; aerospace risk assessment; the earth’s air, land and water systems; the solar systems to include the sun, planets and probes; applied aviation and space research; and internship opportunities.

    Based on what seems to be a lack of any emphasis on education in this program, I have to disagree with Alpine and agree with ChrisJM that this is an absurd degree type to use for this purpose (unless he was saying the EdD in general is absurd, in which case I fully disagree with Chris as well). For this program, none of the benefits specific to an aviation EdD, as described by Alpine, seem to be met by this curriculum and program description.
  15. chrisjm18

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    That was not what I was suggesting. I think the Ed.D. is a relevant and much-needed degree. However, I am not pleased with all these non-education disciplines calling themselves Ed.Ds.
  16. not4profit

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    Completely agree. Not sure how it got this way. I remember bristling the first time I saw an EdD therapy/counseling degree. I feel the same about this degree. Unless a degree has a very strong nexus to the study of education or teaching itself, I don't think it should be an EdD.
  17. Alpine

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    So the Ed.D. falls under the OSU College of Education and Human Services that also oversees the aviation department. The program ends with a dissertation that has to face the scrutiny or "defense" within the College of Education! As I look at the faculty, I believe it would be a tactical error to think one's education won't culminate in a dissertation that is aviation or space-education-focused! Link: Faculty and Staff | Oklahoma State University (okstate.edu)

    As I researched the studies published from the OSU College of Education, Aviation and Leadership, the topics include numerous aviation educational themes with dissertations for the Ed.D. dating back to 1989 which is well before the tremendous increase in Ed.D. online programs. This program has a track record with a long history of producing Ed.D. graduates in aviation and space education. Please don't take my word for it, the evidence speaks for itself!

    Link to dissertations at OSU: Search (shareok.org)
    A small sample of the title of dissertations for Ed.D.
    "Maximizing Participation of Women in Collegiate Aviation Education, Health and Aviation"
    "Identification and Description of Secondary Aviation Magnet Schools in the United States "
    "International Space Station and Its Role in the Future of Space Exploration "

    Once again, I very much disagree OSU is using the Ed.D. in an "absurd" way!

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  18. not4profit

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    The placement of the program in one college or another has pretty much no bearing on the level or prominence of ed in the program. It looks to me like they are requiring the dissertations to have an ed nexus to justify the EdD since apparently nothing else in the program is ed related. Lol.
  19. sanantone

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    I am not sure how the Civil Air Patrol or other kids' programs tie into this. I was a member of the Civil Air Patrol for four years. Adults volunteer to teach aerospace, cybersecurity, and other subjects to cadets. It's a program to get kids interested in STEM and the Air Force. You don't get paid, and you don't need a degree to teach.

    Several fields have a huge, non-collegiate education and continuing education industry: healthcare, accounting and taxation, law enforcement/security/corrections, etc. I haven't seen an accounting education program, but I guess that could be coming next. I wouldn't see an issue with this degree program if it focused on education, but it focuses on leadership and management. I'd expect a program like this to cover more about the administration of educational institutions, adult learning, instructional technology, curriculum design, pedagogy, educational psychology, and corporate training.
  20. Alpine

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    Do your dissertation on the impact of education in the Civil Air Patrol STEM program on the aviation industry for all I care! The point is the OSU Ed.D is legitimate and I am frankly surprised to see the hyper criticism of a well established Ed.D program that has existed for over 3 decades. Lets not forget many aviation doctoral students enter with certified flight instructor credentials and have years of experience in teaching aviation as well as master degrees in aerospace science and education. The doctorate culminates in the completion of a dissertation.
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