Easiest Master Degree and Schools? Please Help!

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Futuredegree, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Koolcypher

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    Wichita State has a Masters degree in Underwater Basket Weaving.

    Wichita State University

    This school has one too:

    In all seriousness all degrees are fairly easy, this is open to interpretation of course. Harder, again open to interpretation, are STEM degrees and medical degrees. Just study and do the work, you will be fine.
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    For my social science degree, I completed 1 CJ test-out (Intro to CJ exam) and 2 courses (Gangs and Juvy) but I found the subject overall to be kinda hard *for me. Not calculus hard, but harder than my psych or soc courses. Besides my Law and Order addiction, I don't have any experience with the CJ system, so it was all new information. For me, psych and soc were more intuitive, and I found them easier. So, I think it boils down to what everyone else is saying, that really it just depends on you. Since you have a CJ background, why not look for a masters in that area? That way you are not learning from scratch. Honestly, if you go into an MBA program, you're starting from scratch. I think there are several areas related to CJ, though it's not my area of expertise, there are good honest people here who will make good suggestions. I will throw out the American Public University System (AMU and APU= same) they have a lot of interesting degrees that might work for you. They use short semesters, so if you're in a terrible class, at least it won't be 16 weeks of hell lol. Good luck!

    EDIT: Link for APUS master's degrees http://www.apu.apus.edu/academic/programs/masters
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  3. Futuredegree

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    Some useful information Thanks :D I was looking at APUS & University of Phoenix. I heard they are both easy for most people if anyone has any other suggestions im more then willing to look. Im not picky on the major as I said. Just want to hear from peoples past experience and what the course load is like.
  4. Futuredegree

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    UOP VS APU VS TESC? Masters programs - Easiest & Fastest Masters degrees. Help PLZ

    I was wondering which college doesn't ask for alot of work interms of a masters program? I am seeking an easy masters degree. Can anyone tell me how hard these programs are and what the course work looks like? Do they have a lot of readings and papers?

    These are the schools I kept finding for masters programs:
    1) University of Phoenix
    2) American Public University
    3) Thomas Edison State College
    4) Excelsior College
    5) University of Florida
    6) Ashworth University
    8) Fort Hays State College

    I am just looking to find a easy degree in business , criminal justice, or Liberal Studies that doesnt require to much work. As I said in my other thread I am not picky on the major as long as it doesn't take much work. Im trying to get a fast and easy masters degree as I could use it to advance in job opportunites. I am not trying to start any problems I am just seeking information. I know some people may get upset I am asking for the "easy way out" but its my choice in life and I want to make my own path, so if I want to take the easy way thats on me with no disrespect to others who choose to take the hard way or "traditional way". I would like to know peoples prior experiences with the schools. Thank you for your time and help :usaribbon:
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    Dude you're killing me. If you didn't find an answer with your first thread, what makes you think asking the same question on another thread will yield more results. :slap:

    It sounds like you want a piece of paper rather than an academic achievement. If your just looking for a something you can use as toilet paper, may I suggest Rochville University; since they will issue a Pug an MBA for the right price.

    Rochville University - Redefine Your Future

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Out of your list, Ashwood University is the right choice for you.

    Also, the state of Oregon has a list for you to choose from: Unauthorized Schools and Invalid Degrees | Office of Degree Authorization | Oregon Student Access Commission
  7. sanantone

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    They all require a lot of reading and paper writing. Almost every non-quantitative program will require a lot of writing.
  8. RAM PhD

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    I hope my neurologist and cardiologist didn't take this approach. :smile:
  9. rebel100

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    I'm not a list guy but there us something fundamentally wrong with U of P at #1 and U of F at #5
  10. Sauron

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    Look at the bright side, even if they had graduated last in their class they're still a Doctor.:wink1:
  11. friendorfoe

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    I usually avoid these types of threads unless I have something sarcastic to say...but since you are a working, single dad I thought I'd chime in (I'm also a very busy dad). I usually find topics that interest me to be "easy". So my first question is, what are you actually interested in? For example, what would you study anyway even if there was no degree to be earned? I am personally fascinated by law and criminal justice.

    I did not find the MBA to be easy at all. I like business (most of it) but the hard skills aspect of the MBA program I was in kicked my butt. So even if you are interested in business...which aspect interest you? Do you like trying to quantify the ROI on an investment? Or are you more interested in just the "management" aspect of things? For me, it was leadership courses...to me they were "easy" since I am genuinely interested in that.

    Finally, what do you plan on using the degree for SPECIFICALLY. "State job" could be social worker, project manager, cop, judge, janitor, electrician, doctor...hell, anything. So what do you intend to do with it?

    What cost constraints do you have? Are you paying out of pocket? Is money a concern?

    What time constraints do you have? Do you need an independent study program where you can "fit study in where you can get it in"? Or are your kids older and on a routine where they can feed, bathe, care for themselves and leave you alone to do your thing?

    How fast do you need it?
  12. me again

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    They are all easy, except for the ones that require a lot of quantitative skills.

    Yes, all of the colleges and universities that you listed are easy. Very easy. Hurry up and enroll in one.

    They all require work. That's just the way it is, BUT they are easy (for many people).

    All of the degree programs that you listed are "fast and easy." They are all begging for you to enroll.

    You are receiving information.

    Based on what you've written so far, a diploma mill may be the option that you are seeking because they do not require any work.

    All the schools that you listed are "fast and easy," BUT they all also require work. Your mileage may vary.
  13. Futuredegree

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    Thank you for actually trying to help. I am interested in getting a masters degree in criminal justice or buniness as i listed above. I think management would be best in terms of the business world degrees.

    I work a 9-5 shift and my kids go to bed at 8pm so i do have time at night. I currently live with my brother in the basement of his home. While I am at work his girlfriend and my mother helps me out since they does really nothing at home. They want me get an advanced degree.

    I would use this advanced degree to find better jobs in law enforcement or business. State and city jobs are a great place for me to look. I currently make 40k a year, which is to low for NYC. Money is not an issue when it comes to school just don't want to pay 40k for a masters degree. On avarage im seeing masters programs range from 15-30k which is not bad.

    Now interms of what I am looking for is a degree that I can get fast and is not so difficult. I mentioned before I am not the brightest person even if I do have two bachelor's degrees. My GPA was not the highest.

    Any information on an easy degree would help. Thank you for stopping by and seeing my situation.
  14. SteveFoerster

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    I think you should go with option #7.
  15. makana793

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    What kind of work do you do? I would think you would want a degree that at least aligns somewhat with your profession.
  16. Sauron

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    I agree, #7 should be the #1 choice if a diploma mill does not work out.

    OK seriously, since you are not interested in learning anything; just study something like Liberal Studies from any of the above schools on your list with low graduation requirements but don't rule out #7.
  17. Koolcypher

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    Liberal studies still requires tons of reading and writing, something clearly the OP does not want. I concur choice #7 is the best bet.
  18. Randell1234

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  19. Randell1234

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    Maybe it is a game of "find the one that does not fit"
  20. Futuredegree

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    Ashworth College seems to be nationally accredited. I dont think jobs want that. Dont they want region accredited colleges??

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