Easiest/Hardest CLEP and DSST Exams Thread

Discussion in 'CLEP, DANTES, and Other Exams for Credit' started by Sowak777, Dec 30, 2008.

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    My eldest is going through his undergraduate requirements now. His plan initially included more CLEPs and DSSTs, but he got interested in taking every Asian language course the local community college offers, so after 30 semester-hours of Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese he'll only need so many semester-hours total from exams.

    He took Analyzing Lit cold first, since it's a cakewalk. Next up are the Info Systems, Intro to Management, and Intro to Marketing CLEPs, which should all be pretty easy. After that are the Intro to World Religions, Ethics in America, Public Speaking, and Fundamentals of Cybersecurity DSSTs, though, which will probably require a bit of review.
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    CLEP/DSSTs I have passed

    -College Mathematics (didn't study)
    -Principles of Management (didn't study)
    -Analyzing and Interpreting Literature (didn't study)
    -College Composition Modular (didn't study)
    -College Composition (didn't study)
    -American Government (read the constitution)
    -Intro to Computing (reviewed material for a couple hours)
    -Biology (studied a lot!)

    I failed Principles of Public Speaking because I was monotone and not convincing enough :bsflag:
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    Intro to Management is a pretty easy one. Info Systems requires some headwork, as far as I remembered from my exam. As for World Religions, Ethics, and Cybersecurity, those simply rely on headwork and some prior knowledge. So long as you've got the basics down, it should be little more than a walk in the park so long as you come in with your game face on. (I didn't take the Public Speaking, so I'm unsure of that one.)

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