Dual DNP/MPH at Johns Hopkins

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    Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Executive Track/Master of Public Health (MPH) Dual Degree


    "This streamlined online dual degree option allows students to complete the program in 3 years. Concentrations and a combined DNP/MPH project enable you to tailor the program to your needs, and shape your trajectory – with leading experts by your side."

    Tuition: $1,620/credit
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    Chris's quote is 100% accurate, although I believe the emphasis (bold) on the word "online" may be his. I know it says "online" - but can it really be? For starters, I note expenses include $20K /yr for room and board. Then I went through the details - this is 90 Grad credits over 3 yrs. That's an intense program and $145,800 in tuition alone. By their figures, including room and board, the total for 3 years is around $220K - assuming no increases - whatsoever. Considering the amount of learning and study time and the hours "with leading experts by your side" - I'm wondering how online it can be.

    That said, these degrees - at this University - would be a superb accomplishment. People who succeed in this - in whatever format - would be positioned to do much good and achieve, and deserve, stellar careers. I've no doubt of that whatsoever.

    I'm totally out of my league here - and out of the field, of course - I just had to weigh in on this statement about being online. Perhaps that part may apply to only one of the two degrees - or a portion of one or both? Regardless, considering the details in the write-up, I think the statement could stand some clarification.
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    And that's perfectly OK. Not a criticism. I would have added this sentence but the 10-min. limit got me.

    And I'm wondering - perhaps they have moved this program to online format until COVID-19 is over? I think it still needs to be clarified.
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