DSU vs Walden vs CTU vs Nova vs Capella - whew!

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    I've been gathering information on US schools that offer regionally accredited online doctorates in IT. I thought I would post this information in one place for anyone else looking. If you know of more let me know. If I have anything wrong please post corrections. My travel expenses are estimates.

    Total Cost for each school (approx.)
    $37,000 DSU
    $51,000 Walden
    $66,000 Colorado Technical Univ.
    $75,000 Nova
    $76,000 Capella

    Detals for each school
    DSU - DSc Information Systems
    12 courses plus dissertation
    $34,000 not including books (if you have MSIS and meet pre-reqs)
    Are there any residencies?

    Walden - Doctor of Information Technology
    11 courses plus dissertation
    $46,795 including books (if you transfer 5 courses from a masters)
    $2,250 for 2 residencies total 4 days each
    $2,200 for travel expenses?
    Residencies held in various parts of country
    Take 1 course at a time every 8 weeks (2 per 16 week semester)

    Colorado Technical - Doctor of Computer Science
    24 courses plus dissertation (is this right?)
    $57,408 not including books
    $0 for 2 residencies per year 2.5 days each
    $6,000 for travel expenses?
    Residencies held in Denver

    Nova - PhD Computer Information Systems
    10 courses plus dissertation
    $64,000 not including books
    $0 for 1 residency every quarter for 3 days each (3x4=12)
    $8,500 for travel expenses?
    Residencies held in Florida

    Capella - PhD Information Technology General
    13 courses plus dissertation
    $66,000 not including books (if you transfer 10 courses from masters)
    $5,000 for 3 residencies total 4 days each
    $3,300 for travel expenses?
    Residencies held in various parts of country
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  3. jam937

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    Capitol College - DSc Information Assurance
    18 courses plus dissertation
    $45,000 not including books
    $??? for 3 residencies total
    $3,000 for travel expenses?
    Residencies held in Maryland
    Minimum of 5 years of directly related work experience
    Requires one of these certs (CISSP, GSE, CGEIT or CISM)

    Indiana State Univ. - Ph.D. in Technology Management
    I don't think I would classify as an IT degree. The major areas of specialization are Construction Management, Digital Communication Systems, HRD and Industrial training, Manufacturing Systems and Quality Systems.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Nova Southeastern University’s Ph.D in Computer Information Systems soon will be changed to Ph.D in Information Security. This change will effect in Fall 2014, prior Fall 2014 students have option to keep Ph.D in Computer Information System or going with the new track as Ph.D in Information Security.
    The current tuition is $57,600.00

    Travel: The price tag for residencies depends where you live in the country. There are two residencies for each semester during courseworks (research courses and dissertation do not require residencies). So, there are 8 courses, you can complete in 4 semesters or 8 residencies.

    For the new program, Ph.D in Information Security will target Federal employees (NSA, DoD, DHS). Therefore, the program will also hold residences in the Washington D.C metropolitan area (exact location: Alexandria, Virginia).

    Source: I am currently in the program.
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    Dakota State
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    Not all areas of specialization are IT related; however the Digital Communication Systems concentration is. You just need to choose the right mentor with research interested you are interested in.
    Indiana State University: College of Technology - Ph.D. in Technology Management: Faculty List

    Also, prices vary based upon which school you choose to take classes at.
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    As with any Ph.D. (or D.Sc. or whatever doctorate) choice, keep in mind why you are choosing to pursue the doctorate. In the back of my mind, I want a doctorate, yet I am in my 8th year (and 2nd institution) teaching full-time with only a masters. At this point, a doctorate would probably get me a $5000/year raise. Is that worth spending $40,000+ (DSU is less expensive) and a tremendous amount of time to obtain? Financially, almost certainly not. But I still kind of want that doctorate. In IT, a doctorate is not necessary to teach at many of the institutions that are likely to accept a distance learning doctorate. In IT (and other fields), a doctorate is no guarantee that you will get a teaching job. Choose carefully.

    With that said, I am still feeling out doctoral programs. DSU is still an option. Mississippi State Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (with a focus on operations research) is an option. I guess Columbia's program is an option, but that one, while high on prestige, is seriously high on cost and uncertainty.
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    SWOSU wouldn't offer any tuition support? And I suppose the University of Oklahoma is a heck of a commute....
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    Hi there,

    I am a recent graduate of Dakota State's D.Sc. program. It's a great program with an excellent reputation. The problem is that since it is so affordable and fully-online it is extremely competitive and very difficult to get accepted now. I have had several friends apply with excellent backgrounds get turned down. So if you can get into the program, I would say go for it. If not, Walden's Doctor of IT would also be a good choice. Nova doesn't have a good track record of getting students through the dissertation. Capella is also good, but it is the priciest of the bunch.
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    I agree with this comment. I've been an adjunct instructor at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) in their College of Business and Public Administration for the Information Decision Sciences department for the past two years teaching Information Networking and Security Management.

    The school just recruited and hired a new assistant professor, had many applicants and the chosen applicant earned his PhD in Engineering from Cal Berkeley. CSUSB's business school is AACSB-accredited and the university is considered a decent regional school, but by no means a top tier University.

    So you have to remember it will be competitive when you start looking for a tenure track position, as well as the people and talent you will be competing against after you earn your doctorate.

    I have also heard from many faculty members that the level and quality of your research and publications plays just as an important role in earning an interview as much as where you earned your doctorate degree - maybe some people with a doctorate who teach at a research university can speak to this.
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    Is this program completely online? Because when I checked the website, I didn't see any thing about that. If its online, then I would love to apply. I have been in between two opinion of school between Capella and CTU for the Doctoral program in IA/IS. I think DSU would be a good fit for me. I just want to confirm the duration, cost etc.

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