Dr...for a professional degree?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Michael Burgos, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Johann

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    "Among us?" You mean us, here on the forum? Yeah, I'll say! But which of us can cast the first stone? :)
    But we do, anyway. Business as usual.
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    It wasn't meant to be specific. Just a concern for the general mental health issues in our society. Where I live, there are many people walking the streets with apparent mental health issues (punching the air, fighting themselves, having heated arguments with themselves, yelling at strangers, attacking strangers). Ever since a number of mental health facilities were closed in the area during the late '90s, the problem has gotten progressively worse.
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    I want to clarify that I do think the person faking all of those degrees may have some issues, so at least in that regard the post was meant to be specific.
  4. Johann

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    I apologize. I'm sure your remarks weren't specific - although if they were, they'd still have been accurate. Just my rather nasty sarcastic side coming out. Sorry. What you describe where you live, in the way of people walking the streets with obvious mental issues exists where I live too. Successive governments have destroyed mental health budgets - and it's become far worse with the homelessness epidemic of recent years. Mental illness and homelessness go together - and result in many early - and preventable deaths.

    "Washington - and Ottawa ... we have a problem." :(
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    La Doctora Polo enters the chat
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