Double Dipping Courses at WNMU

Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by mattbrent, Mar 6, 2009.

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    I think the MAIS program is top notch. I love my program (I'm in the English, Writing and Bilingual Education concentrations). Of course there are some minor administrative glitches in the structure of the program, including a clear description of the exit requirements for each concentration. However, the professors I have had have been wonderful. You can't beat the price of the program anywhere. I really feel that it is a quality program and I would recommend the program to anyone and everyone.
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    I would reply with a big DITTO!

    My concentrations are History & Political Science. I have also enjoyed my classes. Like any school, there are "good" professors and "bad" professors. I'm sure if you talk to some of us in the program, we could share stories! :)

    Katherine Warren is very helpful as well. If you can't get information from an adviser, drop her an email. I'm sure she'll help you however she can.

    I'm hoping to finish this summer. I'm still trying to figure out my exit requirements, but I should have my courses done by then.

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    Thanks Farina and Matt for the encouraging words. I am excited about starting my program.
  4. Looking at the price and study options of WNMU , you know, I just may go for my masters degree after all.
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    From what I read on the calendar, current students get to register for Summer and Fall 2010 classes on March 17, and then new students on March 22. So they still have time to get their final classes posted. You can always contact the department and ask them what they plan to teach this summer. The calendar can be found here:
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