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    FYI: there is a new mentor for students in philosophy / theology on the english side.

    Srećko Koralija holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge (Divinity Faculty) where he was a Vice-Chancellor's Scholar. His PhD thesis focused on the linguistic and corpus-based relationship between different versions of ancient translations of biblical texts in the wider socio-cultural context. He developed a method of semantic analysis of lexemes in a socio-cultural environment. Equally, he holds three Master degrees: one in Theology [patristics] from Fribourg (Switzerland) , one in Syriac Studies from the University of Oxford, and one in Oriental Studies also from the University of Oxford. He is a passionate polyglot mastering several ancient and modern languages. His research interests generally focus on the semantic relationship between language and other forms of knowledge (e.g. socio-cultural and work environment, human behavior, ethics and morality, decision-making).
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    That's awesome news and yet another reason to try Domuni University out!

    Given the heavy linguistic emphasis, might our very own Maniac Craniac want to enroll as soon as possible?
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    Is this an accredited university, RA equivalent? Never heard of it until now.
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    The answer is...sort of. They offer ecclesiastical degrees (through the Catholic Church) as well as civil degrees (in France). From what I recall, the latter would be RA equivalent. As to the former, I've had my doubts.

    If it helps, we've had a few other discussion threads on this university:
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    How does the pontifical side of things work? Can students earn an S.T.B., S.T.L., S.T.D., Ph.B., Ph.L., J.C.L., or some other pontifical degree from or through Domuni?

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