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    I thought I'd dip my toe into this. As it is inexpensive, I thought it would be worth the endeavor. Some observations.

    It is not a "mill"; it has European accreditation and is legit as anything in the EU.
    They are reasonably responsive, and the materials are high grade. The "professors" are well qualified.
    It is inexpensive.
    The materials are very "non-dogmatic". What I mean is that they cover a wide range of topics outside of typical Catholic theology and do so from an objective perspective. I am studying Eastern philosophy. Strangely, their materials are more objective than my experience at University of Wales regarding Buddhism. I think their MA in philosophy would have cred outside of the Catholic Church.

    On a more critical note. They don't have video lectures in order to provide access. This doesn't bother me, but it may some. There has been limited interaction with students and instructors. This may be a function of my signing up for an undergraduate certificate. Although they offer programs in multiple languages, the students do seem to be predominantly French. Hence, conversation is limited if you don't speak French. The evaluation has seemed a little weak but that could be a function of my not doing an "undergraduate" course for decades.

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    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    We had discussed Domuni several times over the years, but nobody else (to the best of my knowledge) ever took the leap.

    Some of us might have to do so after your review!
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    It is the "Certificate World philosophy and religious studies". A course on the Koran (weak) and then several on Eastern philosophy (Hindu). First was VERY good... I have some background in the area and it still helped me understand the thought. Again, I signed up for the undergrad course because of interest and it was a cheap way to investigate. I enrolled at the University of Wales and wasted $2K. My ultimate interest is their MA in philosophy. Looks good but I was sucked into Wales and did not want to make another mistake.
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