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    Any more comments

    Hi all

    any more comments regarding this university. I am seriously considering giving it a go. This looks exactly what I was looking for and it is in my price range living in South Africa.
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    Hello, did the University of Lorraine respond?
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    Here is the answer form the Domuni University:"The agreement with the Angelicum is a certification, this means that some Domuni enrolled students have the opportunity, validating their curriculum Domuni to obtain the diploma of the Angelicum without being registered.
    The agreement with the University of Lorraine is not a certification but a convention. It is an agreement of a different and specific nature of the French system of higher education. French universities are in fact two types: private and public. Public universities deliver a state diploma, which is in essence not the case of private universities. An agreement allows, through an agreement signed between a private institution and a public institution, obtaining by some students of a private university to get the state diploma, being in addition to their inclusion in private university, enrolled in the public university. It is therefore an agreement between two partner institutions. You can find the details of the French legislation on the subject on the following web page: Les établissements d'enseignement supérieur privés - ESR : The convention is an internal administrative document to the institutions acting on their agreement, it is not likely to be published. This is why it is not mentioned on either the website Domuni nor on the website of the University of Lorraine"
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    is it a legit university?
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    Kebrit, you should know better than to ask that. You have posted 27 messages over an 18-year period, having joined this forum in 2002 (although your last post was eight years ago).

    Therefore, having been at least a reader here for 18 years, you should already be aware that if you feel compelled to ask if an entity is a legit university, then it is likely not a legit university.

    (Pardon me for appearing xenophobic, but there sure are a lot of dumb-ass Europeans out there.) :D
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    OMG, 18 years I've been on this board as well... my goodness, times flies when you're learning... Oh, and to answer Kebrit, no, the school doesn't really have accreditation, but it may be legit or legal to run as a university in France, in other countries, it's a no.
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    Kebrit's name would appear to be Arabic. It's also a place-name in Iran. You can look it up.

    There sure are some dumb-ass, xenophobic-looking Americans around here. :D
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    If the Angelicum in Rome says Domuni's degrees in Roman Catholic religion are approved by them - then they are good - as good as Roman Catholic religious studies can get.. If you're asking if they will get you advanced standing for secular study - no, they most likely won't.

    The religious degrees are legit - i.e. approved by the Roman Catholic religious authorities. For secular study -- YMMV. Likely won't get you anywhere in the outside world.

    Might get you into Heaven (?) - won't likely get you a job - or into a secular university program.
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    (Pardon me for appearing xenophobic, but there sure are a lot of dumb-ass Europeans out there.) :D[/QUOTE]

    Not all the Americans are xenophobic, the last election is a testimony to that.
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    They partner. among other, with the (totally legit) Belgian University of Louvain. This alone does not make them more or less legitimate, but it might be a clue that they are, likely, not bogus.
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    need a degree to enter heaven now ?
  14. Johann

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    I can only repeat what I was told: "No, but you DO need to be a MUCH better guitar player."
    It's a slow process, but I'm trying.... :)
  15. Johann

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    Or, there's the joke I stole from the radio this morning:

    I asked my phone, "Siri, do I need a degree to get into Heaven?"
    Answer: "I'm Alexa, you moron!"

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