Does anyone know anything about Walden?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by Tom729, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    Hello all. I'm currently in the Ed.D program for ACE and and I am seeking to transfer to an online PhD. In earlier months I had expressed interest in the Cumberlands PhD program and unfortunately was not accepted due to recent tightening of the requirements. I was thinking about Walden because they have certain programs where a quarter semester costs a flat rate of about 4,980.00, and there is no limit to the number of courses that you can take, Realistically I could not take more than two or three at a time.

    I wanted to hear from others who have more knowledge about Walden.

  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    In general the school has a decent reputation. Kind of expensive.
  3. Lilywise

    Lilywise New Member

    I have not attended Walden personally, however many of the school teachers in my son's elementary school have received their master's from there. The feedback I received from them was very positive. They said it was professional and they learned a lot. I am actually thinking of attending ACE for my Master in Education, did you like their program?
  4. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I teach there and it is a great program. I see it from the "other side" and they are always looking for ways to improve the students experience.
  5. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Out of curiosity, what's wrong with ACE that you wouldn't just finish there?
  6. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    To be honest I am not enjoying the program. The entire Ed.D program does not specialize in a certain content area.

    I am very strongly considering the Ph.D program at GCU.
  7. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    I mentioned this in an earlier post awhile back and I know that things typically can drastically change in the doctoral program depending on what stage that you're in.

    The thing that I'm experiencing with ACE is that all of the professors are just handing me A's on all of my assignments. I'll freely admit that I've been extremely lazy with certain assignments because no matter what, it just seems like I'm getting full credit on everything that I hand in.

    There's just no intrinsic value in knowing that a within significant amount of time that I spend working towards a particular degree the grades were almost just simply handed to me.

    maybe it's just an unusual problem to have but this is not the slightest bit challenging to be so I feel no sense of pride.

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