Does anyone have any experience with Jay Cross and DIY Degree?

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  1. Johann

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    All schools - all undergrad degree programs? On one spreadsheet? That would be a huge job. Holy Sheet!
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  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you're not getting an answer because no one understands your question.
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  3. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I think Rich may be -at least largely - right. If I interpret your question correctly (big IF) you want a spreadsheet showing many schools and the maximum in transfer credit they will take. And if there's a maximum on test credit they will take. In short - no, I don't know of any freely available sheet for that. What I do know is:

    (1) Among schools that accept transfer credit - it's rare to see them exceed 75%. Some will go beyond this and a very few go near 100%. See below.
    (2) On standardized tests e.g. CLEP, the school does not have to determine the credit. The test organization has that already. Each test is recommended for so many credits, 3, 6. whatever. They can tell you - or it's likely in listings they make available on line. Much about this on Degreeforum and in our CLEP/DSST section. See the "Forums" page.
    (3) Some schools will go to 90% transfer credit. What type of credit or any maxima - each school has its own policy.
    (4) The only schools I know of that take 100% (or nearly) in test-and-transfer credit are the Big 3. Excelsior, Charter Oak and TESU - Thomas Edison State U. NJ.
    (5) Those schools take pretty near 100% in transfer credit but you are required to do a capstone/cornerstone project through them.
    (6) There are some pretty savvy people here about the big 3. The other forum (degreeforum) is practically ALL testing / alternative credit. A subforum on the Big 3.
    (7) The go-to spreadsheet guy on both forums is AsianStew here and BJCheung77 on the other forum. (Same person.) He is a true master of educational frugality. For all I know, he may have a Doctorate in that field. :) I know if you go over there, you will see his degree plan spreadsheets for several Big 3 degrees.
    (8) I purposely left out Athabasca U. which is sometimes known as the "big fourth." They are pretty expensive and only one degree I know of MIGHT be completed 100% by transfer credit. If that. Plus, they do not accept CLEP (at all) or most common forms of testing out.

    Best I can do, for now.
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  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I certainly didn't mean to be rude with my comment, but it just wasn't clear. It still isn't. I think the best approach is to contact schools individually and see what they'll do in terms of assessing your standing prior to enrollment.

    I have three degree earned this way, and I still don't understand the question.

    When I did my USNY Regents (predecessor to Excelsior) degrees, I chose Regents for no other reason than (a) a co-worker had a catalog from them and (b) I qualified immediately for their AA. As it turned out, Regents was the most flexible and the most generous (in terms of granting credit) of the "Big 3." But....

    Regents didn't do credit portfolios for experiential learning. They would accept such credits awarded by other schools, but didn't have a process themselves. That caused a lot of people to chose TESC instead.
  5. bernieyeater

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    I finished my BS degree at Excelsior two years ago mainly using the information on this forum. I did CLEP and DANTES. I only had to take the last four classes at Excelsior mainly because I didn't know how to write a thesis for my capstone. The biggest gotcha now is that ACE (American Council on Education) is setting the bar higher for upper division credit tests.

    I wrote about it here

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