Does accredited DL M.D. programs exist?

Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by EsqPhD, Aug 1, 2001.

  1. EsqPhD

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    Does anyone know if an accredited DL M.D. program exist? Someone was telling me that there are programs--but I can't imagine how one can become a physician online.

  2. Guest

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    Remember the game "Operation," in which one performed surgery via a board game. If the sides were touched with the operating instrument a buzzing sound was heard. I do hope this is not the curriculum for DL MD programs. [​IMG]

  3. DWCox

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    The answer to your question is "Yes." But I can't seem to remember the name but do recall this school being located on St.Kitts and that the school was recognized by W.H.O. thus permitting its graduates to sit for USA licensure.

    I haven't got the time to research this now but will follow-up later today or tomorrow.

    Regards, Wes
  4. The International University of the Health Sciences offers medical education on a St. Kitts Campus or via distance education --

    Quite a bit of continuing medical education is delivered at a distance; many courses in a medical school curriculum could be delivered effectively online or through other media. You can find a lot of DL human anatomy courses, for example.

    The IUHS isn't entirely distance; there's a mandatory residency period and students student have to get a medically qualified mentor and have to have access to a clinical institution for practical observation.

    Kristin Evenson Hirst
  5. Bruce

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    I can't imagine consenting to be treated by a DL physician! [​IMG]

  6. Perhaps if no f2f physician was available...

    "Telemedicine--the use of information and telecommunications technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants--is receiving increasing attention not only in remote areas where health care access is troublesome but also in urban and suburban locations." from

    See for information on telemedicine projects funded by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

    Kristin Evenson Hirst
  7. DWCox

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    I was thinking of the same program as Kristin.

    Regards, Wes
  8. Gerstl

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    Only the basic sciences part (preclinical chem, biochem, anatomy etc) are distance.
  9. bing

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    However, to obtain a medical license here, the person would still have to pass the USMLE. Also, there are clerkships that they have to physically attend. For many of those Caribbean students, the clerkships are at U.S. hospitals.

    They do the basic sciences, attend the clerkships, pass the USMLE, match up in a residency, and later practice. This is the ideal path I think.

  10. PCap

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    It's bad enough that the folks who graduate from traditional medical schools don't know what they're doing much of the time.That much of the book work can be done by the student alone notwithstanding, MD by distance learning? I don't think so.

    Get some excersise, eat right and stay as far away from all of them as you can.This is the opinion of someone who has many physician friends.
  11. Gerstl

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    FYI I know lots of med students. A good number of them almost never attended classes during the preclinical phases b/c they felt the classes where a waste of time, just studied on their own. Of course they did attend lab sessions and disections.....
  12. David Yamada

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    Oh my, this is too scary to contemplate.

    I'm sure DL works fine for wholistic health approaches, nutritional counseling, and the like.

    But man, I don't want to see a scalpel wielded by a DL Doc.
  13. David

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    Not to worry, David.. You'll be unconscious..never see the Mad Slasher at all!

  14. Dan Snelson

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    The doctors do not learn surgery in medical school, they learn in the residency portion of their education. A first or second year resident does not have a license yet.

    (at least in California, in my hospital, the orthopedic residents are not allowed to order because they are still pending their license)

    The Second year resident is the third or fourth doc in the OR. The first is the attending then the 4th year resident and maybe a Fellow ( one who has completed residency and is specializing in a particular area, in our case pediatric orthopedics) then comes the 2nd year resident. He is luck to be able to SEE the patient [​IMG]

  15. Dan Snelson

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    Ahh... that would be lucky to see..

    Dan Rushing back to jury duty [​IMG]

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