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    Hello All,

    I assume most of us are familiar with the 18 credits rule for teaching at the junior college level. This year I will be finishing a Masters in Education and would like to move forward with the goal of post secondary teaching. My geographic area however has increased from the 18 rule to a 20 credit requirement. Notably what ever DL certificates I have found are either post bachelors and therefore not high enough course level or are only about two thirds of the necessary credits.

    I am having trouble then finding a PhD or ED or DA in the social science category. My undergraduate is in Anthropology and I would like to stay working in the "soft sciences" such as history, sociology, ethnography or ethnic studies. Has anyone found a program like this? I would prefer RA.
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    yes..... there is one. Check the archives from earlier than 2010. It's distance learning with a tiny bit of cohort meeting 1/year if I remember...good name too.... what was that program? I'll look too.
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    There aren't many of these sorts of programs around but you can find threads on this subject by doing a search of the site (top right corner).
    Also, it's not always possible just to take a bunch of courses. Often you are required to be matriculated into a specific degree program. Finally, I suggest that you look at the Harvard Extension website. Good luck.
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    If you just need master's level credits, then Western New Mexico University offers online graduate certificates in history, political science, and psychology.
    Certificates - Online Programs

    There are post-graduate certificates that usually go by the name of CAGS. I haven't really seen many of these in the social sciences outside of psychology. There are also post-master's specialist programs i.e. Ed.S that are often in school counseling, school psychology, educational psychology, and other education-related fields.

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